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Safely run the Spoil Canal

Guys, it won't be long before the outside bite starts to heat up and you find yourself fishing spots like the MRGO rocks. One of the fastest routes to get there is the Spoil Canal and you will see that it is difficult to navigate as it is inundated with shallow water areas and blind corners.

Go to this link at my blog to watch a video of how to run it plus other goodies like GPS tracks and more.

Tight lines,

-Captain Devin

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Re: Safely run the Spoil Canal
Great, like we need more boats out there!
Re: Safely run the Spoil Canal
Devin, great article, video and comments. I previously added the GPS coordinates from your first posting of traveling the spoil canal.

My only trip to the MRGO via the spoil canal was with someone who was familiar with the route. I had one of the best trout fishing trips ever there. However this was during the first week of June about 2 years ago. I have not been confident to boat this alone, but with the new poles marking the way, GPS coordinates and your video, I feel more confident...., but will no doubt have someone with me. lol

You mentioned the trout will soon be moving into the MRGO. Would you clarify what is the usually the best dates that should happen? Is it now through the summer or in the Fall?

Thanks for your help and again, great video.