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Poe-Poe Warning

Trailer Inspection Tags...I know this subject has been discussed before, but this is a warning, not a comment in favor or against the law. Agents were in full force at Bayou Black marina (Gibson) writing citations for no inspection stickers on boat trailers.

Money must be tight in Baton Rouge!

I truly believe, everyone should cease buying a hunting and fishing license for one year. It would certainly be a sacrifice, but would surely get the attention of the state budget office. Then maybe, just maybe, we could be treated like citizens and not red headed step-children.
where can i read up on the laws on this..
has anyone else noticed how strange it is that not one news channel or newspaper has done one single story or even a simple safety notice about this issue?

kinda like they are trying very hard to hide what is going on so people will get tickets instead of brake tags
From what i have read and heard from ppl you don't need to put the tag on your trailer you keep it with your trailer registration papers. But from all the post i keep reading people are not getting stopped for this it's always boaters coming back to trailer their boats and wham they got a ticket i think it's a bunch of b.s. my grandpa said this has been a law for years and he is 75 and has never once got a tag for his trailers it's defiantly a money gimic if you ask me
the law
All Vehicles and a trailer is a vehicle must have a La Inspection sticker title 32 : 1303.

Distribution of fine money can be found in title 15: 571.11--- the agency writing the ticket does not get a dime.
see title 32 defintions -- a trailer is a vehicle
Glad I read this
I checked my boat registration and it was expired. Renewed it online just a couple minutes ago. Real easy and print out the receipt and use that till new registration comes in.
I have never had any inspection stickers for any trailer I have. Guess I will get one now. Cheaper than a ticket.
I do have one gripe though and its not against having to get an inspection sticker.
My gripe is about the STUPID people that go fishing and have no trailer lights at all or none that are working right. I have seen the same person a few times without lights. How stupid is it to drive over an hour in the dark without trailer lights? I bet the rest of his equipment is neglected also.
Where do you have to go and get one? Any place that sells regular brake tags??
Any place the sells auto brake tags.
I just got a 2 year tag for my truck.
Thanks for answer
inspection sticker
Does anyone know of a place in Orleans Parish that issues trailer inspection stickers? I tried several stations, and called a dozen more, and no one knows of this 'trailer inspection' for boat and utility trailers. Only semi tractor trailer inspections.

Quick search for break tags in NOLA yielded this...

I am still utterly confused by this 'law.'
inspection stickers
For any parish that has their own brake tags .you will need to go out of parish to a station that does Louisiana inspection stickers. You will need drivers license , current registration of trailer, (may need proof of insurance on towing vehicle,Not sure) All lights , safety chains, tires must be in good working order. coupler must be in good working order.
desperate times
looks like we all have to sell our boats now and just fish out of the back of our trucks..... times are tough i know i for one cant afford that damn inspection!!!!
Finally got my inspection sticker. I had to jump through hoop nets to get it. I called everywhere in Orleans parish, getting fed up made a call to a friend that's a state trooper and explained what the deal was. He told me that it is a law, and has been for some time. A law that is seldom enforced, he didn't have any info on WLF sudden actions on it. The inspection can only be done by parish that it is titled in. I had to call city hall which in turn had no clue either. Finally got a call from a lady at city hall that did understand what I was talking about, and informed me to go to an inspection station that issues stickers for motorcycles (same tag), and have them to call me and she would inform them of what to do. $25.00 fee
Trailer Tags
The best way to avoid this is to go ahead and pay the 75 dollars for permanent trailer tags. It beats having to renew each year or every two years. On my boat trailer and regular trailers I have purchased the Permanent tags and have had no issues.
There is no permanent inspection sticker ???
That's what this post is about.
'Just another tax'
...remember the little red triangle tags Bush Sr pushed in the early '90 for they switched them to'ya trailer...reason it didn't go over before was the Feds wanted the money but wanted the States to enforce else can they pay for Maine lobsters and three bite 'certified Louisiana shrimps'...cheer
cajungrobeck , lifetime tags are not inspection stickers they will still give you a ticket for no inspection.
Louisiana Revised Statute


1301. Vehicles without required equipment or in unsafe condition

No person shall drive or move on any highway any motor vehicle, low-speed vehicle as defined in R.S. 32:1(40), trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer, or any combination thereof, unless the equipment upon any such vehicle is in good working order and adjustment as required in this Chapter and said vehicle is in such safe mechanical condition as not to endanger the driver or other occupant or any person upon the highway. Every motor vehicle, low-speed vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer registered in this state shall bear a valid safety inspection certificate issued in the state of Louisiana, except as otherwise provided by R.S. 32:1305(G).

Acts 1960, No. 405, 1; Acts 1995, No. 475, 1; Acts 1997, No. 77, 1; Acts 1997, No. 288, 1; Acts 2003, No. 986, 1.
Inspections Stickers
Inspection stickers have been required for years. During the gas shortages in the 1980's, Troopers were assigned a two hour duty in the roadway checking for license, insurance, and inspections stickers. The purpose being as most stated, owners do not keep up the equipment. I have personnally worked numerous vehicle wrecks due to equipment failure. You can choose to not obtain an inspection sticker, but if you are involved in an accident without one, the chances of convincing someone that your vehicle was road worthy will be difficult. It is the SAME for all trailers, you need an inspection sticker; utility, boat, welding, travel trailer, etc.

While we are on that subject, a campaign is out to remove all non legal equipment from state, city, and parish roads due to a significant amount of serious injury accidents. If you chose to ride your golf cart, four wheeler, go cart, or other non licensed vehicle on a regulated roadway, you will be cited and or towed. The law if or those who violate the standards set forth in the law and do not try to use semantics to determine there degree of violation. I have been reading all of these complaints and can assure have heard most of them, the law clearly defines your boundaries. Changing the rules to fit your condition is not what all of this is about. Land owners have had enough of the damage to property caused by off road equipment and motorist (such as the gentlemen in Houma) that have to make lane changes due to off road vehicles operating on a highway laned for vehicle traffic causing a serious injury. Parents have now allowed their children to play on this equipment unsupervised in streets designed for vehicle traffic. Let's see four wheeler or go cart against a large vehicle---Large vehicle 1 four wheeler 0.

Would it not be earsier to obey the law....Oh for those using public boat ramps, some parishes also require a launch sticker for use. These may be obtained at your local parish office.
Swamp Lizard - That is wrong! The only reason for trailer inspections are for police departments and the state to collect money!!!! Oh yeah, and for police officers to get retribution for being picked on in school. After all, that is the only reason someone becomes a police officer, to hide behind their badge and bully people!
All the tickets I have written in 15 years and I haven't gotten an extra penny. Guess I'm due a butt-ton of $$$$??????

*NOTE - the previous statements were sarcasm....
Ok my bad. I was thinking of the registration stickers not the inspection stickers. There is permanent registration stickers because I have them. But no there are no perm lifetimes. So my bad
ya cajun i was just letin ya know didnt want you getin a ticket.

As for inspections and unsafe equipment i find it hard to believe as the real reason , i see cars and trucks and trailers on the road every single day with shattered windshields , no brake lights , no turn signals and more then once have i seen them just passed up by the police , now that being said it the law ill roll with that i went and got a sticker the other day its cheeper then a ticket , but there is no use in getting a sticker when the once that do have stickers are illegal to begin with and no one stops them , i drive all day long so a few of these cars / trucks / trailers i see over and over with the same violations and in the end if you run into one of these people you are automaticly at fault because you hit them in the rear and there is no way to tell if there lights were working to begin with.
Don't you just love legal beavers
Wow ... It very well may be the law and some jack-butts may even get on the road with an unsafe trailer , but 99.9% of outdoorsmen who travel to hunt and fish don't want to breakdown on the highway , so they're stuff will be in descent shape .

Face it , it's a racket , like a lot of other little rackets the state has going . My tags are permanent but it's still aggravating to know police are writing tickets for bullcrap like that to honest , law abiding citizens , when real crimes are going on everyday underneath their noses !
How is writing a ticket, for something illegal, a racket?
Do I have an inspection sticker? Nope. Will I get one? Nope. Will I complain and accuse someone (who is doing his job) of just trying to make $$$ when/if I get ticketed? Nope.

This law is under Title 32 which is Traffic Law. Wildlife and Fiseries have their own title, Title 56. When a state commissioned officer writes a ticket for Title 32 or even Title 14 - Criminal Law, it does not go to 'the state', it goes to that parish's DA's office. I'm not sure if tix written for Title 56 do the same or not.

I'm not saying the OP is lying but I spoke to a GW today and was told that he has never heard of this law being enforced on it's own.
'Paradise of Fees and Thieves'
...I had a cycle/cop from 'Corrupt City' tell me once:...'Where would you write volume tickets w/a minimum of backlash...No.1 a major corner of a medium income subdivision...No.2 the corner coming out a project'???...also the State is lacking a lot of safety margins at RR Crossing and Rail Guards on streets perpendicular to bayou's and canals...also anyone knows if they ever put the safety railing at the drop-off at the Capitals' steps...cheers
With all do respect for policemen and game wardens , because they do protect and serve our great state and wildlife . But policemen and or game wardens that are actually writing the tickets for trailer tags are NOT the ones running the racket or collecting on it , they're just the ones making it possible for the state or parish to collect on it , so therefore it is a racket by the state , or parish , which ever .

It's just my opinion JB , no offense.
'The Tales of Contessa''s like a Mafia hitman say'n...'I'am just do'n my job meatball, the Godfather ordered it'...cheers
This the law as i read it. My question is two fold, 1) The Law: Every motor vehicle, low-speed vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer registered in this state shall bear a valid safety inspection certificate issued in the state of Louisiana, except as otherwise provided by R.S. 32:1305(G).

How do I legally Attach An inspection sticker to my trailer? How do i stop some A%%hole from stealing it off the boat trailer while parked at the boat launch? if Lwf is giving tickets to the trailer before checking with owner, (have 2 Boats, 1 trailer,) Inspection stickers are designed to face forward in on a windshield inside a locked vehicle. Stickers don't attach to the trailer. Yes I have inspection stickers for all 3 at 18.00 a pop. have the current registration and have inspection stickers stapled to them. (ie motorcycle style)

Question 2 or 3: While i Have had no problem with lwf agents i have been in contact with over the last 40 years, How can a lwf agent write a ticket for something that is titled under Motor Vehicles and Not LWF ? Shall we soon see Agents on the highway writing tickets pulling over speeders? I understand that while on a WMA or similar Area they have the power to enforce the laws in that area, Boats Lwf, Trailer- Motor vehicles, cars/trucks -Motor vehicles, maybe someone can answer these for me.
David - Game Wardens are commissioned law enforcement officers.
As for where you place the sticker, keep it in an envelope and keep the envelope in your boat. The law does not say it must be affixed to the trailer or boat.

Choupic - Nothing personal taken. No hard feelings.
LDWF is upset the good Governor stole 2 million out of their budget !! Now they take revenge on the taxpayers just like they always do !!! Communists !!! How the hell are we paying on a trailer that is titled through the state, stamped and inspected by the state police, now another inspection sticker that someone can steal !!! Double dipping aint it boys !!!
When i picked up my decal the inspection guy told me they are done like a motor cycle , he told me to put it in a ziplock and put it on the boat , i told him that my truck would be pulling it so couldnt i just keep it with my truck papers he said yes.
Just me but I wouldn't put it in my truck. If you are the only person to ever pull your boat, that is fine. But, if other people pull your boat, there is a chance you will leave the sticker in your truck. If it's in your boat, it will ALWAYS be with your boat.
Just my .02
Vehicle Inspection stickers
First,let me clear the comments on obtaining money for violations. The citations that the State Officers write go directly to the district attorney's office. This money is spent by that office for the parish that the violation was in. The State of Louisiana is only given the amount it cost to print the ticket form (in 1983 the cost given back to the state was $0.32--a very small amount).

The inspection sticker needs to be place in the glove box or other storage with a copy of the registration. It does not go on your trailer. It makes me wonder why all of this is still going on. I know if I decided not to maintain my equipmnent and my trailer came of my vehicle and hit yours, that person would be all of the officer to write me a ticket and hall me to jail. Then question is, who is going to pay for the damages. My only satisfaction in this is that some owner's have actually destroyed their own personal vehicle due to not maintaining their equipment. It really could have been funny, but since everyone in this State pays our salary we too have a responsibility in this, I really felt bad for the owner. A lot of time was spent just trying to salvage his belongings or what was best for that person. I am only thankful that of all the accidents no one was seriously injured.

Please if you have family members that you love, take care of your equipment. It only takes a little time and you will not be a person that is broken down on the side of the highway subject to an accident. Most fatal accidents with trailered equipment is due to the owner being placed on the road side of a vehicle.

Take Care and Enjoy the gifts of Louisiana
Hope to see you some day having fun....
The Swamp Lizard
thank you JB I usually keep all paper work related to the boats in the boat inside a container. Never had a problem with louisiana games wardens. just to many people spreading misleading information. The only 'ticket' ive gotten was a warning from us cost guard and they had me dead to rights for it. fire extinguishers out of date (3 Years) not useable, (empty) lol my fault.
After reading comments here about different problems at different locations related to LDWF. figured it was people that do not maintain their equipment and get, got and want to complain about it. You can be Part of the problem Or part of the solution. if you dont like the way things are done, run for Public Office, then you can change what you dont like. you cant do any worse then the current bunch we got in office.

Again thanks for clearing up my issues.
'The Happy Days ???' sure is 'funny' how all these justifiable dreams of 'public safety' come up when they have abused and exhausted budgets ??? cheers

p/s it's gettn'n like the old days again Google:

ballard of earl k long-you tube
i had to add to this post , i was at a mechanic shop today and seen a gamewarden come up and even he was there to get a inspection sticker for his own boat trailer , id say they are doing alot of checking for this or he was getting ready the calm before the storm
@ david1153
my uncle has an inspection station and according to him the determining factor is if the vehicle has a permanently attached windshield the sticker must be attached to it so as to prevent theft or it being used for another vehicle. if there is no permanent windshield such as trailers or a motorcycle where the windshield could be removed or transferred to another vehicle, then the sticker should be stapled or affixed directly to the current registration papers for that vehicle.

any sticker that goes on a windshield with have a stamp or the colored stickers for the month and year of expiration and stickers that are not fixed to the vehicle will be marked with an X in the separate box to indicate its a special tag and the X indicates it doesn't have to be attached to the vehicle.
Ballard of Uncle Earl
Like that video, Rabbit! State boys have a brainstorming session weekly to find new ways to 'squeeze' a few more bucks out the working man; road/bridge tolls, enforcing old laws, state police setting higher ticket quotas,etc. Time is near for the 2014 SUV's to hit the showroom! Good luck.