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I have 500(unsure of exact #) series garmin with an SD card slot. Can I use your file and move it to an SD card and then use the card to move the points into my GPS. please respond to ask question page has an error on it.
thanks in advance
Yes, but you need a transfer program
~Captain Paul's Response to FishingPhysican~

Yes, you can if you have one of the Garmin transfer programs.

GARMIN data protocol requires that the data come from one of their transfer programs that can recognize a Garmin unit. They offer a FREE transfer program they call BASE CAMP as a download from the GARMIN web site at Once there search for BASE CAMP DOWNLOADS. Or they offer their TRIP AND WAYPOINTS MANAGER and their HOME PORT as for sale items as a download or on a CD. Both sell for around $30. The HOME PORT program is the most comprehensive as it lets you view any GARMIN maps you may have on a data card or in your GPS unit.

All of the programs allow you to write the data in GARMIN protocol to your GPS unit via the proper cable or to a memory card via your card reader-writer in your computer.
If you are using the memory card route, you MUST first first place a clean SPARE memory card in your unit while the unit is in an off mode.

Then turn the unit ON and do any function in the unit. Changing viewing screens would do. This causes your GPS unit to write a code which allows the GARMIN transfer program to recognize the card as a GARMIN device. Using the transfer program you then IMPORT and open the EDGE (.gdb) file, view, edit or add to it and write the waypoints to the card.

By then placing the card in your unit and using the menu feature, you can transfer all of the waypoints into the internal memory of your unit.
All Edge waypoints will appear as overlays on whatever map program you may have or use.

Use the spare data card to transfer all of your waypoints to the card and then back up them all in a file in your computer or on a thumb or DVD disk, etc.

Do this after each trip and you will always have a backup of all of your fishing info.

I am sure that you will enjoy and use the EDGE files. They will save you time and fuel getting on the fish.

Captain Paul