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Pete's Landing

Need a little help. I'm thinking of launching my boat at petes landing and trying to find some fish. I will be bass fishing, perch jerking, and setting a few jugs. Any tips? Ive been fishing up and down the amite from bayview and I'm tired of not having any luck. I just want to be able to enjoy myself and have a little time with out a ton of boat traffic

Thanks in advance for all the help
Water is high and muddy. Might be better by this weekend. Fishing, at least for bass, has sucked all year long but we have usually caught fish on finesse worms or small crankbaits.
Thanks for the tip. Im gonna go out and give it the best I got!!

I will post Monday to let yall know how it was. Hopefully there will be some pics to go with the post
Good luck !
Fishing has been really slow , except some catfish are being caught on jugs . I haven't heard any reports lately on bream , bass , or sacalait .

Since your putting in at Pete's , I would go down the river towards the lake to avoid the crowd . Last year the bream fishing was real good between Clio and Carthage bluff .

For sacalait , I always do ok on downed trees in the back of curves and the pilings for Clio . Outgoing tide is best for that area , incoming tide is no good at all .

Good luck though ! Someone's bound to start back catching sooner or later , might as well be you !
' 'dat swamps is som'tic'
...hey Pic since 'ya been sneaking around the swamp for years is any of that old Clio bunch still around...been back there when I was a kid...(one of them gave me a gyp named Clio)... but they can keep 'dat swamp been in places were you could'n see 4 'feets'...and hear all kinds of 'movements' 5 'feets' away !...cheers
Rabbit - Aren't ALL of the noises just a foot out of sight???
Rugaroo !!
They up and sold the place rabbit . I use to talk to the old guy that owned the old bar and launch all the time . One day I pulled up to launch my boat and some grouchy guy came out claiming he owned the place now and it's no more open to the public !

As far as the noises go , you were probably hearing that ole she Rugaroo . Lucky you made it out of there , she's been trying to catch a man back there since d'iberville was exploring that area ...... Lol
Choupic - Is she hot???????????
Fine as frog hair split 4 ways
She's a real looker ! Word has it she was pushed out of honey island swamp with all the camera flashes and news crews .

I hear she's been getting jiggy at old Nolan's place on 22 , it's called the hang out now . But you have to watch going in there because she's been dating a guy named perry swain . He's been known to scalp guys for just trying to take a peek .

True story ...
Re: Pete's Landing
Oh yeah man, that's the place to go!!
Best fishing I have ever done !!
Little traffic lots of fish 100%