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If the revelations coming out of Washington don't bother you THEY SHOULD.

Do you trust the Attorney General now?

.....Do you trust 'all the President's Men (or women)?

..........Do you trust the President??
Basket weaver from Kenya
He is a Muslim radical that thinks our Bill of Rights is a flawed document, but we should be able to hold out till he is out of office. And I think many more liberals will go by the wayside next election cycle. We may should be more afraid of our next door neighbors and how those idiots vote.
Bush scared america
'We may should be more afraid of our next door neighbors and how those idiots vote.' Good point VICIOUSFISHES. But only 4 out of 10 voters in Louisiana went for Obama. So we only have to be afraid of 40% of our neighbors.
Not so ERNEST. Bush scared liberals and Democrats. He also scared Muslim terrorists - something Obama sure does not do. But I have to admit, Obama does scare our allies.
benghazi was bush's fault too? how in the heck did that happen? sheep will flock.......
Personal attack
I have never felt like any of the past presidents attacked me personally. This one has. He thinks and even says that the Bill of Rights is a flawed document then he is making a personal attack on each and every citizen of the United States of America. What, he wants to rewrite the Bill of Rights to fit whom?
Why is anyone a fan of Obama when he totally disregards your rights and freedoms? Ernst, you really need to look beyond skin color and take a deep look at what our president is doing. Would you want a man of any color in your house that disregards your rights and freedoms? Then why would you want a president that does?
I've called G. W. Bush a dumb redneck puppet many times. Does that make me a racist or unpatriotic? I hate this pop culture thingy called ''politically correct''. Screw politically correct. I call a spade a spade and a redneck a redneck.
Trying to protect Obamas integrity is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.
Ernest - again, I will ask you, no, BEG you to explain your thinking. You are always puting the blame on Bush and praising Obama but yet all you do is spit out the same ole song and dance. HOW did Bush scare Americans? HOW is all of this Bush's fault? WHAT has Obama done that is so great?
Old Ernest....
Give it up, JB. I think you answered the last time I asked Ernest the same thing. He has no answer, other than 'skin pigmentation.'
TBOY - Yeah, I have asked him several times to give examples and everytime I do, he disappears...
'What Can I Say'
'the chair is still empty '

( it's been known the last four years is 'get back time'...when there's 'no time' for the other to 'get back' )...cheers
The Great Pretender
Barry Soetoro is the Great Pretender in Chief. He lies to suit any purpose. He is a empty suit. His whole life has been a fraud...from his 'so-called' Birth Certificate that lists his father's place of birth as Kenya (when it didn't exist by that name when BHO was born), to the name of the Hospital (that didn't exist under that name when BHO was born), to the obviously photo-shopped and altered images. The fraud continues...he defrauded the country of Indonesia by attending their public schools under the name of 'Barry Soetoro'. If he is a 'citizen' of the US now...then he defrauded Indonesia. Plus, how can you be a citizen of the US with only one parent a US citizen...that law didn't change until many years later. Further, Barry Soetoro defrauded the US government in 'entitlements' when he moved back with his a NON-Citizen. Then after defrauding the US government on 'entitlements', he attending college on a foreign student visa under the name of Barry Soetoro. He then chose to lie about his college 'professor-ship' status AND on his law application. Both he and Moochelle voluntarily surrendered their license to practice law mere days before BOTH were to be disbarred; BHO for lying on his application and Moochelle for insurance fraud and embezzlement. Their fraud did not end there. Barry Soetoro attended the Rev Wright's church, where he reportedly attended a 'secret' gay club for Wright's 'members' (pun intended). Both lived in a Chicago house, owned by a Chicago judge and a wealthy liberal socialist, that had numerous alias identities tied directly to fraud. Barry Soetoro's social security number is also a fraud. No matter how you look at this lying piece of filth, he is a fraud...the Great Pretender in Chief...the 'so-called' Mesiah by his liberal, socialist and entitlement leaches. The TRUTH about Bengahzi, the IRS scandal and 'Obama-Care' are coming out...the veil of protection afforded by the Lame Stream Media is dimming and soon, all will be able see this foreign FRAUD for what he truly is...a socialist, islamic brotherhood 'hack'.
Long Live the King!!
Amen brother.
Funny thing will be is to watch in later years and see if he opens a presidential library. It would either end up empty or full of lies.
'Watch'dat Hole Randy'
...I have four intelligent black friends that says his 'Hour of Fame' is gone...he will go down in history as being the first black president (but that is all )...they won't say it to other black people because they will be called Uncle Toms or Chicken Georgie or even the witch doctor Peter Galvin !!!...cheers

...darn it's Google Time again:

johnny cash-indian drums
Country folk
Admiral, I work with many black country folk. All the men my age we talk a lot because we have a lot in common. Music. family, outdoors, church and the Almighty and the love of many things we knew back when. Everything boils down to respect. We talk race issues a lot. Argue, get angry, but at the end of the day we are still friends. The issues end up being non-issues.
I have noticed that all the talking up of Obama has now become just talking about Obama.
And none of us has gone past the 12th grade.
Not black and white
Nothing about the Pretender in Chief is 'black and white' issue. It is more about distinct differences in lifestyles, politics, religion, rule of law, etc

Conservative vs Liberal
Morality vs Immorality
Religion vs Total Lack Thereof
Truth vs Fiction & Lies
Self Respect vs Indignant Disrespect
Educated vs Self Inflicted Ignorance
Work Ethic vs Entitlement
Capitolism vs Socialism
Constitution vs misuse of Executive Privalege
Leadership vs Cancerous Plague
Freedom vs Slavery to Federal Government
American vs Muslim Brotherhood
Laws vs Political Correctness

Wake up! We, as a nation, shall either take a stand against our oppressors OR become oppressed as willing subjects to Barry Soetoro.
'Parking Spot Etiquette'
I heard a heated argument over a blue strip Wal-Mart parking spot not too far back the Muslim 'lady' called the Black 'lady' the N-word w/'witch' at the end three or four times...and the Black 'lady' kept yelling...''Ya Maw 'Ya Maw '...boy,did I scoot outt'a there...cheers

P/S...the college shrinks in Rm 101 call it: 'trickle down frustration'
building 7
No one can tell me how building 7 fell ,NORAD Stand down come on open your eyes ,but i know i'm prefer bush good for you , look we know why Obama's not liked ,too be honest I'll be glad when his term is over so the next president can get the country back on track like we were when your president was in office. this country is screwed its about the haves and the have nots thats the bottom line. i really dont care for politics at all, i work and get mine thats all i'm concerned about. here we go with the people like me blah ,blah,blah.
Building 7???
You come up with 'Building 7'? Huh?

You 'get mine'??? Huh?

Take a break...step away from the 'Cool'-Aid
I have to say , first i dont like or agree with Odumbo. but i did notice something probley not no big lightbulb moment for anyone , but from being a kid to growing into a adult i cant remember any president that i know his name better then Obama i mean i never seen any president on the news in the news and the most hated ever , i think that alone is worth its weight in gold and i have no idea how he is still there. I was born in 71 and i can remember a few presidents growing up but im sure not all of them i wonder why that is , reagan , bush , bush , clinton thats about it
'Flawed Policies'
...I've heard and seen them and their images since Pearl Harbor...even w/the choke-hold he has on the media...he's still can only control or fleece so much of any population with just words of faith,hope,inspiration and twisted facts...somewhere along the way it will crumble...cheers
Forget about Obama and wake up
There is little any of us can do against Obama with the voting block he has from the big cities. But and please hear me we need to vote out Mary with out her vote none of this bull would have passed. Don't understand how this women keeps getting in and no one seems upset with her vote because she keeps getting reelected.
'Degrees of Judgement'
CaptJS...they shrewd politicans,she uses step-down local idenity w/her brother...besides there seems to be a emphasis for some reason on kissing and hugging the babies of inner-city voters... but,you can't beat the numbers of free photo-ops when it's used for almost every murder in Corrupt City...I judge any of them as a 'potential' crooked politician the same as they judge me as a 'potential' criminal w/my guns...cheers

P/S...How can 'students' find integrity when they don't see any ???
Here we go! If any American here thinks that the POTUS makes any real decisions for this country, think again! He is a puppet like the rest of the puppets that have been in office before him! The POTUS is SELECTED, NOT ELECTED. (look it up) The person in the oval office is made to be a distraction from the real issue and always has been. Stop drinking the Kool aid from Fox news, CNN and any other news sources on cable t.v. Our government is setup to give us an illusion of choice. Mcdonalds and burger king, coke and pepsi, democrat and republican, lowes and home depot! The truth is that our citizens are so ignorant as to what is really going on that its too late to really do anything at all! This master plan has been going on from generation to generation for alot longer than all of us have been alive. A black man was SELECTED specifically to divide this nation further than just the dem v rep illusion does! Doesn't anyone find it funny that 99% of the population didn't want Odumba care, but it passed anyway! This time in history will be referred to as the great awakening bc never before has so much info been available to the whole world I.E. the internet! When enough americans wake up to whats really going on and the population reaches critical mass, things will change, but it will be very ugly! Fractional reserve lending from the Federal B.S. Reserve was designed in a way that america will never get out of debt and never could if it wanted too!
Now the real ENEMY...look it up please... THE COMMITTEE of 300, who orchestrate everything from organizations like and specifically The club of rome, Chathum House, The vatican, MI6 and many others!
If anyone thinks 911 wasn't an inside job, you are blind!
If anyone thinks Newton wasn't a false flag attack to eventually take our guns, again Blind!
If anyone thinks the Boston Massacre wasn't a false flag attack or precurser to our militant police force to come take our guns, again Blind!
If Anyone doesnt think factions in and outside our goverment wouldn't kill kids with false flag shootings to divide women and men on gun control, Blind! EX. What is the best way to make women believe guns kill people and that we dont need them, Kill a few kids or make hollywood look like we killed kids and they are everywhere saying we need to take the guns!
I can go on for days! Please debate me! And i know some will say i'm nuts, don't care! I would rather die knowing the truth than die not ever having done any objectional research for myself.(ostrich with head in sand) Some people are to old or set in their ways to wake up, some wont wake up ever, some are awakening now. We are all in financial jail cells by their design. All of the information is out there for everyone to read and make their own conclusions, but for petes sake hurry up and start reading and stop watching what they regurgitate to you on mainstream news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Admiral, we love you, but just speak in english, hiding behind your archaic language is equivalent to someone who knows and wants to say something real and important, But is SCARED to do so.What happened to make you type in a way that noone could understand!
Man REDUXX - get a grip.