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Comments and reviews solicited for Lone Wolf climbing stand

Hey guys I am considering the Lone Wolf Treestands Assault Hand Climber Combo. Best price I have found is $333 with free shipping. I like it for its weight, 14.7 lbs and the fact that it breaks down to such a small profile to carry on my back. Also that you can climb a 6 inch to 20 inch tree, which is crucial for the small willows at the Delta. I've read a lot of reviews and the main negatives seems to be the high price and that the foot platform is kind of short. There is another version that adds 4 inches to the length but also adds a few lbs to the weight. I presently have a couple of Summit Vipers that are 6 or 7 lbs heavier and much bulkier on my back. I also have an old Bass Pro stand that is only 16 lbs. but is still pretty bulky in tight spaces. I would really appreciate it, if any of you guys that have or had one, would let me know the positives and negatives in your opinion. Thanks!
consider these facts :

slippin in at 0430 hrs with maybe deer in hearing range

climbing at 0430 hrs with deer in hearing range in the dark, that may hear ping pang of metal to metal

quik fold up. pack up, and get out in the dark because you have a long way to go to the truck, then at 0430 hrs u have to do it all over again.

Remaining undetected period, even to non-target deer. Make the does nervous, and they disperse, taking away the very reason that big buck in frequenting that area.

So u see how quiet is more important than the latest on the market ?

The regular rubber hosed Ol Man has been doing it since the early 90's. I have climbed down in Kentwood once , packed it, leaned it against a tree, took two steps to go get a rake I left in the bottoms, and spotted a spike eating acorns 40 yds away. He didn't even know I climbed down and was there.

I would stik with Ol Man aluminum and remain undetected. No ping pang metal having to fill hollow tubes with foam-in-a-can.
I have one and like it. It is not the most comfortable that I have owned, but that's a trade off with light weight.

The LW is cast and solid so no hollow metal noises. I've had mine for about eight years with no issues.
Yeah Chris the number one priority of my interest in this stand is the weight followed closely by packability. I walk long distances through sometimes very tight, dense spaces, so I will sacrifice some comfort for those attributes.
Just the fact that its so light is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to long walks to get in your area . I may look into one of those myself .
Didn't mean to Diss the LW, just that I hate to chance a change that has been such a performer for me.
Hey Lamp, I welcome your opinion. It is good to get different perspectives before we make a decision. What works for one guy, might not for another.
Get it! I have the slightly longer one, love it. Best thing is that it packs so flat. I don't even use the straps, just carry it on my side cause its so easy to maneuver through tight spaces. Makes no noise. Now, I only weigh about 160. I see where it could be quite uncomfortable for bigger dudes cause of the smaller seat, but for me its perfect for hunts where mobility is a must