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Can you recomend GPS

Capt. Paul I will be buying my first GPS/Fishfinder and was looking at Garman 541 0r 546 and the Lowrance 5HDS gen 2 as this will be used on the northshore area of Lake Pont. From causway to Rigolets area I would like to know which unit would serve me best and wold work with you waypoints you sell. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Northshorefisher ~

That is like saying what is the best pickup truck to buy ! There are die hard consumers and loyal customers for all of the different brands and models.

All of the GPS models you listed will work with my CAPTAIN PAULís FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS if you have one of the manufacturers data (waypoints, tracks and routes) transfer programs. The transfer program can be found on their web sites. The Spartan versions are free but they all offer a more advanced program that has many more features than just transferring data.

The models you listed are near the top of the line for the different manufacturers line. Either of those listed should suit you needs very well

I suggest that you go to these manufacturers web site and get the physical information on each of different units. Print out the specifications and then go over them item for item. Then check out what maps come installed in the unit. You will find that they all come ONLY with a basic map they call a base map. This is exactly what the name implies, a basic map of most of the U.S. coastline.

To get the most out of any of these units, you will have to get one of the supplemental mapping programs offered by the unitís manufacturers. I believe that they avoid sticker shock by not including the detailed mapping as a package with the unit, as it would drive up the price $200- $300 dollars more.

Both brands offer aerial photo maps of the area you listed as part of a larger area of coverage. You will find that the detailed maps will be sold in zones or areas, such as from Mobile to Lake Charles or maybe something like Tampa to Galveston.

After you get the specifications you need, visit a stocking dealer, such as West Marine, Cabellaís, Bass Pro or any of the other advertisers in the Sportsman Magazine that sell the unit. Check out the units you narrowed down and get a hands on feel for the unit. Note the size of the screen, the definition of the screen and the ease of moving from one screen or feature to another. In addition price the cost of the supplemental mapping programs you will need to get the most out of the unit.

Let me know how you make out.

~ Captain Paul ~