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importing your waypoint info into new Lowrance Elite 7 HDI

Capt. Paul, I previously had a Garmin 178C and I purchased your waypoint card some years ago. Not sure which package I have, but the writing on the plug-in is 'MUS 013R'. Well, my Garmin gave up the ghost recently so I purchased a Lowrance Elit 7 HDI and was wondering how I could import this info into my new unit. I don't thing I can just 'plug and play' since it appears the HDI only accepts micro SD cards. Any help would be appreciated.
Hope you have a back up!
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Cajun Bill ~

The ID number you listes (MUS 013R) is not a product code for any of my products. It may be a Navionics Mapping program. If so it possibly could be copied to a Micro SD card with a competent copy program and a card reader with a an adapter that can accommodate the Micro SD format card.

If you have a backup of the waypoints from your Garmin, they can be converted to a Lowrance Format. If you donít have a backup, and you canít power up the Garmin, then you are out of luck.

Your only option is to contact the manufacturer of the plug in you described and see if they offer something for a Lowrance unit.

If you were to send me the Garmin file as an email attachment, I may be able to convert it to a Lowrance format.

My email address is and my phone is 985-847-0536.

Captain Paul