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Gps Corodinates

Capt. i know that the North West Island out of Leeville or no longer visiable so i was wondering if you have the gps corodinates for them? hanks in advance.
Northwest Islands
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ HUNTLEY ~

NORTHWEST ISLANDS were located near the center of Lake Raccourci. They are north of Philo Brice Island and some maps refer one as the other.
NOAA Marine Chart # 11357 ~ Timbalier and Terrebonne Bays indicates that they were at or about 6.6 miles at a bearing of 327 (NW) from the Aid to Navigation R 36 at the end of the Havoline channel in Timbalier Bay.

The Northwest Islands are no longer visible above a normal tide but some of the remnants can be seen on an abnormal low tide. The water around the island was indicated as being between three and five feet, so use caution when approaching my positions as some may only be in a foot of two of water.

The old north end of Northwest Islands was on 1989 charts, at or about 2913.020 N. Latitude ~ 090 20.776 W. Longitude. The southern tip of the islands was at or about 29 11.705 N. Latitude ~ 090 20.973 W. Longitude. It was about .4 of a mile wide and about 1.6 miles long.

There is a platform to the east and the west of where the islands once were.

The platform to the east is at or about .75 miles from where the islands were located and is at or about 29 12.381 N. Latitude ~ 090 29.129 W. Longitude.

The platform to the west was almost adjacent to the islands and is at or about 29 12.952 N. Latitude ~ 090 21.041 W. Longitude.

All positions are stated in DDD,MM.mmm and were determined using WGS 84 Datum. All distances are stated in statute miles.

Captain Paul