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Chart Upgrades for GPS unit

I just purchased a Humminbird 598ci si HD unit for my boat. This is my first gps unit. I quickly noticed that the built-in navigation charts are very basic. I am interested in obtaining upgraded maps/charts for this unit as well as adding some well known fishing waypoints. The areas I am going to focus on for local fishing are around New Orleans (e.g. Ponchatrain, MRGO, Shell Beach, Buras, Venice, etc.) but am a recent arrival to NOLA (just moved here in August 2012) so I don't have much actual experience. The GPS technology is new to me and I am looking for advice on what software to purchase to upgrade the unit. The Navionics gulf coast package I looked at is expensive and covers a much larger area than I will ever need but I haven't seen much else out there for our area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I noticed an EDGE waypoint package being offered through LA Sportman; would it be a good buy for someone new to the area.
Thanks Blake
What map for a Humminbird GPS unit
Captain Paul's response to ~ NCnewbie ~aka Blake

I believe that In order to avoid sticker shock most GPS manufactures do not include a sophisticated mapping in their units as it would make the overall price unacceptable. The base map is What the name implies, a basic map of the entire U.S. This fact that means that their units can be sold almost any where gives them an advantage and a means of holding the initial cost down.

They know that most users will opt for one of their approved supplemental mapping programs. Unfortunately these programs are sometimes expensive. In your case, I know of no other mapping program that will give you the coverage that you need other than the Navionics program you listed.

My CAPTAIN PAUL's FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS offers a GPS user a means of electronically downloading the waypoints into most common consumer brands of GPS units.

In order to transfer data with your Humminbird unit you will need their free transfer program called Humminbird PC. It is available from their web site when you register your unit.

With it you can transfer the Edge file into the PC program, then transfer the data into your GPS unit using a spare memory card.
Even if you don't purchase my Edge program, the Data transfer program is almost a necessity. It will allow you to add and backup all of your routes, tracks and waypoints to a computer file that could be saved in your computer or on a CD,DVD, or Thumb drive. I have 23 Edge locations along the Louisiana coast.
All of the areas you mentioned, except Venice are available.

All of the Edge waypoints are loaded into the internal memory of the GPS unit and appear as overlays on whatever mapping program you have. Most areas have over 100 locations.

Captain Paul