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Camo Dippers - do they really exist

I can't find anyone who does the camo dipping. There are some advertisements even here on the La Sptsmn, but they NEVER answer the phone, even during a work week day, and never return messages, and some have no message leaving provision.

Do they really exist ????

St Tammany Parish 1st preference, but Metairie, Gonzales if necessary.
Do it yourself

What you pay those yahoos to do it you may be able to do it yourself and watch yourself you may get addicted and dip everything in the house!! lol

No, I saw that
I watched the video. I am much too busy making money. I would like a person or shop with pride to take care of it for me.
May have to go out of state! lol

If no one calls back nor has a way to leave a message then that isn't a professional business. Sideline garage shade tree flunkies.

Keep searching.


They're in st. amant off of gold place rd.

Alot of awsome cammo to choose from

Check them out.

About to send 3 of my rifles too them for dipping
Dip It Hydrographixs
Dip It Hydrographixs on Veterans Hwy. across from Puglia's Sporting Goods does a great job.
That Is one
That is the one that fails to return messages, E mails, and never answers. You've got to answer the phone.

I am going with the guy in St Amant. He called back and was very informative.
Gander Mountain
I got all my rifles and shotguns camo dipped up there, they did a great job. It was easy for me cause I was in school at USM at the time but its still only an hour drive from slidell. They charged like $175 a gun if I recall correctly. Various patterns and the camo dip last through just about anything. My beretta and my 870 would always rust after a duck hunt, they sand it, prime it, and then dip it and they have never rusted since.