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LA Sportsman Deleted my Report

I posted a report on here about being robbed out of $1500 by Proride trailers and don't you know LA Sportsman deleted it!!! Proride is a site sponsor and their service is the worst I've ever dealt with in my life. I gave Jason a $1500 deposit for a trailer and he never built it!! won't refund me or get back to me! And this site deletes my report but keeps proride as a representation. Thats terrible. I guess This site is more worried about the money than good business. It's ashame this world has come to this but it's just sad. I'm sure they will delete this post.
Bilt Rite
You may want to try Bilt Rite in Brookhaven, MS. My father in law bought one from them and they build it to his specs. He said they had the best price around. I know he enjoyed the experience.
Take Legal Action
I noticed your post disappeared too. Hmmmmm???

If you have PROOF...Take a copy of your check or receipt, file suit and report to Better Business Bureau. Also you can rent a Billboard near his business to notify others that you've been scammed. That is beyond the control of Louisiana Sportman. From the sound of things on this Forum, you may even have a multiple victims joing your suit.

I'm sure this is not what you wanted when you placed your deposit and ordered your trailer...but unfortunately it is the way of the world in which we live...otherwise you're just throwing your $1500 goodbye.

Good Luck
They should delete all the repeated post in the classified section and the scams o but wait they don't get money from that!!!
7mm-SAUM I know you I stood in your lil cuz wedding back in January. I agree with you to a point about the classified section but they still have wrong people in there cause they will set up a place and time to meet up with you then don't meet up. They have other sites that make you have a post minuium before you can sell something which is how this site should be run, but of course I know nothing cause I'm just a citizen that don't know nothing. If they had thisit would keep a lot of scammers away why they don't have more then a few people patrolling this!? And I already know this will be deleted cause I posted how I felt about sea tow some I'm sure they are out to get me!
Deleted report
Looks like Pro Ride must have contacted and requested for LaSportsman to delete my negative Pro Ride Trailer report also.
Wow! Why all the hating?

Here is what happened. Pro Ride called one of our girls in the front office and asked to have the bad comments about their business deleted. They are some really nice girls and enjoy helping people, so they removed the posts. Someone then called our office and Jon Miller, head of internet for us, put the posts back up. Just do a search! The posts is back up in the original order it was posted.

FYI, ProRide pays about $20/month. Nobody getting rich here. Basically though we really do not like getting in the middle of any bs. and their customers. Usually we invite the bs. owner to respond to give his side of the story. Then if the comments keep on going on and on we may delete them or lock em down so the site can move on - we get bored sometimes with private squabbles. We much rather fishing and hunting discussion!!!

42 full time Louisiana employees working their butts off to bring the best of fishing and hunting to our state! 33 years of hard work and God rewarding our efforts. Nothing more, nothing less and very humble beginnings. At times, we think of giving up on the reports and forum section of the site. We like the fishing and hunting talk but hate to monitor the stench that arises out of here some time.

BTW, Adam Trepagnier or 7MMSAUM has been invited to call me personally on my cell. He's from Paulina, not far from where I grew up in Gramercy. Obviously his comments were out-of-line. Must of been the water we grew up drinking!
Reply to Mr.Taylor
Thanks for your reply. I very much enjoy La Sportsman classified (LSC) and have both purchased and sold several items successfully through its listings. I have no hate for anyone including LSC or ProRide. The only thing I hate is that I did not routinely read the comments section of LSC forum. If I had, perhaps I could have avoided having to deal with all of the frustrating issues that I was required to deal with as a customer of ProRide. Thanks for all that you and your staff does.
Thanks tony
Tony, thanks for the explanation. I don't mean to bash LA sportsman but I'm very frustrated with prorides service. I was indeed robbed out of 1500 bucks. Hands down. Luckily the bank reversed the charges because Jason wasn't doing ANYTHING! I have been refunded the money by capital one but we are continuing the law suit for loss of business. It's ashame it had to end this way. All I wanted was a trailer from this guy. And the girl who called in to complain must not even know what's going on at her work place. I'd be glad to post the picture of my invoice to show my deposit but that part of this situation is taken care of. I guess we live and we learn. I felt taken advantage of by proride and by LA sportsman when they deleted my post. I was the only honest one here and I got the short end of the stick. I'm glad it's all good on LA sportsmanship part. Thanks for reposting.

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