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Lowrance Elite 5 DSI

Capt. Paul, I just downloaded your edge file and the waypoints on my unit. When I opened all the files on my computer, there is a color map with all the waypoints on one of these adobe files. Can this detailed map be converted to the unit or does the waypoints only load to the base map in the unit itself? Your Map has a little more detail than the map in the unit.
The Acrobat PDF file cannot be loaded into a GPS unit
Captain Paul's Response to Tree Rat

The Adobe Acrobat .PDF file cannot be installed in a GPS unit. It is provided to give you detailed locations and a general idea where the Edge Waypoints are located. I suggest that you print out the file and bring it on board as a guide and backup.
It will fit nicely in a 2,gallon Zip type freezer bag.

ONLY the specific file that is designated for your brand of GPS unit can be loaded into your GPS as waypoints. These waypoints will appear as an overlay on what ever mapping program you may have for your unit. These files are written in the required protocol for the unit. GARMIN files will not work in a Lowrance or Humminbird and the reverse.

You MUST use the manufacturer's Data Transfer Program to transfer the data from the download to the memory card then to the or to the unit self.

Most units to avoid sticker shock, do not include a detailed mapping in the unit. Most users will have to purchase an approved mapping program to supplement the Base Map that comes with the unit.

Captain Paul