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2006 Bay Boat and Eagle Electronics

Capt. Paul,

I have been a long time reader of Louisiana Sportsman and have seen your columns on the website and in the magazine. My wife and I have recently moved to St. Bernard(4 years ago) and have just acquired a Very Nice Bay Boat. I guess without beating around the bush I am very interested in purchasing one or more of your Fishing Edge and Waypoint routes for my GPS(Breton Sound Marina, Hopedale area) The one (GPS) installed on my boat is an Eagle IntelliMap 480. There is an expansion slot for a SD type card. I am wondering if your cards will work in this GPS? I plan on upgrading the Electronics in the future but would like to use what I have for the time being. Could you offer up any advice on what options I may have for this GPS unit? If it helps any I have been running out to Bay Eloi fishing and have been doing okay. However I would like to learn more areas for different weather conditions. Thank you in advance for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.
The EDGE files will work in an Eagle GPS
~ Captain Paul's response ~

First, let me clarify what the CAPTAIN PAUL'S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS are. The Edge program consists of a data file of the Edge waypoints that is transferred via a SPARE memory card from your PC computer into your GPS internal waypoint memory. The waypoints then appear as overlays on whatever mapping program you may have in your unit. The program also has an Acrobat .pdf file that is a general map of the area AND a description of the waypoints that in some cases describes 'How to fish' the location. This file CANNOT be downloaded into the GPS unit. I suggest that you print out the file and bring the pages in a two gallon plastic storage bag for backup purposes. The program also includes a spread sheet of all of the waypoints in an Excel format.

All of these files are delivered at the time of purchase as a download.

The EDGE program(s) are ONLY available from the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN'S web site in the OUTDOOR STORE.

Once the area is selected you will be required to indicate what brand of GPS system you have. This is to insure that the download you will be receiving is written in the proper protocol required by the manufacture. A Data file written for one brand of GPS units may not work in another. For your unit, an Eagle, it requires the L.E.I. (LOWRANCE~Eagle ) file written in the protocol specified by Lowrance.
In order to transfer the data from the PC computer, you will need one of the Lowrance mapping programs such as MapCreate that has a data transfer feature, or a stand alone data transfer program. LOWRANCE offers one as a free download from their web site called GDM-6 (Gps Data Manager) that should work with your older unit and a new release they call INSIGHT PLANNER. The Insight program is a for sale item that sells for about $30 (?).

Even if you don't purchase an Edge file, having a data transfer file really let's you take advantage of fact that you can transfer your waypoints, tracks and routes to and from your unit and a computer. This allows you to back up all of your data in the event that something happens to the unit and to plan your routes in the computer PRIOR to getting on the water.

The Hopedale-MRGO to Ms Sound covers the Bay, Bayou and Lake Eloi areas.
The companion, Hopedale MRGO to Bayou Terre Boeufs and the Delacroix to Point a la Hatche would give you coverage from Breton Sound to the Mississippi Sound.
Others in that area include LAKE BORGNE, THE RIGOLETS, and Bayou Bienvenue.

Contact me if you need any additional information.

~ Captain Paul~
Thank you a million
Capt. Paul,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your response. I really enjoyed our conversation on the phone. You have help point me in the right direction and I appreciate it humbly. I plan on purchasing the 2 Hopedale “Fishing Edge” programs and do as you suggested and backup everything. Again thanks for your time and God Bless.