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Desperately in need of a Garmin data card

Capt. Paul

I have a Garmin 192c gps that is showing signs of dying and I want to copy my routes and way points to my PC before my gps goes out. As I understand it I will need to copy my data from my gps to a data card then load that on to my PC. I have the data card reader but don't have an extra card and Garmin does not sell them any longer. I have been searching the net for hours trying to find a card with no luck.

Do I have any other options for making this data transfer?

Do you know of anyone who has a card that would fit my unit that I could either buy or borrow? After I make my data transfer I will not need the card any longer.

By the way, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your articles each month in LA Sportsman's. Your articles are the first I read each month. I appreciate all of the information you provide us each month. Keep up the good work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Charlie Marable
The card with reader-writer or a cable
Captain Paul's response ~

The comments by Guy in the White Boots is correct. That unit can transfer data via the special GARMIN memory card by using their GARMIN card reader-writer OR by means of the GARMIN specified cable for that unit.

The special card runs about $70 and the GARMIN reader writer is another $50-$70.if you can even find them.
The cable is about $30.00 for just the data cable and about &70 for the cable and a 12 volt supply with a converter.

I have both. If you are near the Slidell area, we could team up and download your data. Let me know.

Captain Paul
Charlie, there is a port on the back of the unit that you can plug a laptop in and export the info that way. All garmins have the same plug, so if you know someone with a garmin you can use theirs. I use Garmin's Basecamp software in my laptop. Its free and available on Garmin's website. It's a round looking plug with some little pins in it. If you can't find one let me know and you can borrow mine.