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Florida does it right

I vacation in Pensacola all the time and launch the boat at the state park which is similar to the spillway. There is a charge of 100 dollars a year to use this landing. If you want to pay day you put in the charge is 5 dollars. The landing is very clean and there is parking on paved lot with a guard. When you arrive there are several Florida water patrol officers there. They ask you for all the paper work you need for boat an passenger's. If you don't have it they give you a ticket or sent you to an area out of the way of the landing area. Works great as everyone has his paper work ready and if you are by yourself the patrol helps you with the launch. PS There is no and I mean no trash in this area and no damage trailers as there is someone watching for problems. Great way to find a stolen rig. Also great way to make sure no limits are abused.
Capt , louisiana is like a third world country compared to other coastal states . We are so far behind in every aspect it is just really unbelievable .

Mississippi ..... We go to their coast 2 or 3 times a summer . It's beautiful ! They have nice roads , lighted roads , no trash , and they have a lighted fishing pier that goes half way over Biloxi bay . It looks like one of our interstates but it's strictly a fishing pier . Miss only has 1/4 of coastline that we have .

What's going on here ??? Oh well . This last time we went to Mississippi I really started looking at all the things our state is lacking . I mean , look at fourchon , look how long Elmer's was closed off , look how our great atchafalaya spillway boat launches are run . Look at the sink hole , look at the stupid Leeville toll bridge ! This list goes on AND ON .

So basically I guess nothing will ever change here so it's either live with it , or move away from here ? Personally I love where I live , hunt and fish , I just wish our elected officials weren't all criminals and wish they would quit stealing and do some things right for a change .
Bad and Trashy boat landings
Try St. Mary Parish. Most landings are owned by the parish, we charge $1.00 a launch and $1.00 a day parking. It's not the best system in the world but the landings have security cameras, normal trash pickup and major improvments to the landings by this system. We have been doing this since 1992 and sepnt well over 5 million in improvments and continue to do so. Good luck out there
those who travel know
Yep, all it takes a trip almost anywhere else to see the difference. The only decent excuse we have is we keep getting hit by hurricanes, but it shouldn't be a full pardon.
Pleasse wait
In the last few years they have had 5storms two in one year. Take one of the 3 or 4 officers you see on the big boats with 3 motors checking for lic. and minor problems. Put that officer at this landing or the most used and these problems would be gone. I would be willing to bet also that he would give out more tickets then any officer on a boat. PS You can bet that the limit would also be followed to the law.
We can definitely do without the trash on our coast line. But I'm sure it's a lot easier to keep a coast in shape if they only have a 1/4 of what we have. We don't have shiny white beaches. Never have. Our coasts are mostly used by sportsman (not outlaws) like you and me. Most all of the debris you see here is washed up from the gulf. If it was too clean, our coast would probably attract more recreational boaters and the beverages would follow. There are some that don't care. I have to believe our sportsman do their part, and keep their trash in their boats and vehicles until they can dispose of it properly. The thing is, to be fortunate enough to live in the sportsman paradise, we have it pretty good.
Seems a lot more than La.
From my experience I would think Florida has about 3 times the coast line than Louisiana. I like to fish Snook in the Sanibel Island area and it makes all day for that drive.
State Run
We do have some very nice state run launches just not along the coast where I fish (DuLarge Dulac). State launches seem to be surrounded by state parks. Most coastal launches that I use are owned by individuals without the capitol needed. Most are at the ends of the earth where good land is gold. Most are surrounded by people that treat the land like a personal dump. The garbage I see does not come from the gulf. The yearly trash bash is proof of that. I also dont think enforcement agents are the answer. They only target working sportsman not the live off the land can't pass a drug screen I got nothing to lose self-employed. But what do I know?