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Elmer's island

Can anyone tell me if Elmer's island is open during the week yet? I was there a few weeks ago, and it was closed mon-fri. I would hate to make the drive, and it's closed. Thanks
Elmer's Island
Elmer's Island is closed from monday-THURSDAY. Only open on the weekends + Friday. Except when they feel like opening it up. for the 4th it was open Wednesday at noon until Sunday.

Hope this helps
If the gate is open during the day time,Go fish
i love to go to elmers at least once a year to gig flounders. we use to launch pirouges from camanada old bridge and paddle to the isle for them.
Don't listen to e-man
Jay I wouldn't listen to eman
That might get you a ticket.
dont go in the water
there is an outbreak of flesh eating bacteria confirmed to be in the water so its best to stay in a boat and stay out of the water.

for more info:

they have a health advisory to not go in the water if you have cuts or open sores