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Specks and Red limits

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Late reports from Long weekend in Hopedale.

Thursday I had the pleasure of fishing with my Baton Rouge crew Doo, Sara, Brandon Emily. running from the weather they still managed to put a nice box of fish together. 50 trout, 16 reds, drum and sheepheads.

Friday despite the bad weather I had the pleasure of fishing with my Livingston crew Amy Marty and his nephew. The day started with light rain but within a hour the weather took over and had to run into the march for reds. Total for the day was 9 reds, a handful of trout and drum.

Saturday I helped cover for Capt. Kyle and his Bachlor party. very bad weather has us running all day, but the guys held up and would not give up. finished the day limiting out on reds(15, 20 trout, 2 drums, and 2 flounder. despite the weather all had a great time.

Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with my crew from west Louisiana. they wanted trout and trout they got. All 3 men limited out on trout with the addition of Bull reds. All had a really great time and fun.

fishing is heating up in Hopedale, Black Bay. I have a few days open over the next 2 weeks, so call and book your trip today!