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Respectful Fishing

Recently I have seen it mentioned in several post about some experiencing the arrogance and rudeness of other boaters ( fishermen). I have always marked it down as some anglers just having lack of experience and not being able to get out and fish as much as most of us do that post on here. I have seen this happen out on the water numerous times. Unexpected things can happen like your anchor suddenly fails to hold or your troll motor stops working and by the time you realize it the current has pulled you close into someone's fishing area.
This past Wednesday while fishing a platform in the Lake Raccourci area my wife and me along with a couple other boats were fishing a platform. The other boats were anchored and I was doing a slow troll on the opposite side of the platform from where the other boats were anchored. We were all catching some nice trout and as I reached a spot that I could anchor I noticed a white 24 foot Skeeter circling the platform at about half throttle plowing the water. It was the same boat I had seen a few minutes earlier sitting out a ways and it appeared they were watching all the other fishermen through binoculars before circling the platform. He shuts his boat down and drops his power pole about 50 feet from me then starts casting toward us. He was so close his bait was falling about 3 feet from my boat. I asked him if he just wanted to go ahead and tie into my anchor line and he yells back to throw him a line that he would be happy to. I told him he is probably the type to do it and think its ok. Everytime they would cast toward us they would laugh. I heard them talking about going to scout other areas and head back toward Cocodrie. I don't want to go as far to say he is a guide but the way his boat was set up he probably fishes allot and should know better than to do what he did. I have included a couple of pictures of the two guys and there boat that my wife took. If anyone recognizes them please let us know who they are.
On another note Friday morning we were fishing a different platform and two guys came trolling up to the platform to fish. The guy looked at me and pointed to the corner of the platform asking if it was ok to come in. I told him yes to come on. Within a few minutes he caught a couple very large trout. He yelled over to me that he was using Croakers and not Cacohoes like we were. He then pulled his anchor up and said he was heading in that he just wanted to check that platform. He then asked if we wanted any Croakers. I said yes and he trolled over to our boat very quietly. He introduced himself as Jason Adams from Galliano. He told us how he was rigged up to fish and some other spots to try. As he left he wished us a blessed day.
I hope those guys in that white Skeeter read this post and maybe learn something from it. If everyone would treat others out on the water as J. Adams does it would be a more enjoyable experience.
Good luck and safe fishing.
I usually experience the same thing a couple of times a year. Just goes to show that now matter how much $$ some folks have, it's not enough to buy class.
You just can't fix STUPID
It takes all kinds
I brought my oldest out Sat. to the rocks in Hopedale. We stopped at the end of the rocks and it was on from the first cast. We weren't there 10 minutes when this big contender motors in and drops anchor right on top of where we were casting. I asked him if he really was going to stay there and it was not a pleasant conversation. Fishing shut down from there.It had to be a guide boat. There was a woman on the boat and he was using every profanity you could think of. He tried to play it off by telling me 'you did the same thing to me last week'. Of course I hadn't been out in 3 weeks, so that was just a way to bullchit his clients.
oops!!!!!! ^5 some think they own the water Man
I think that boat was down by rocks off the beach on sund. They did close to someone out there to . We fished by a Gentleman sunday to.He was very respectfull and offered us the baits he was using.
If your on the water enough you will come across situations like that soon enough. It is a shame you can't buy class or common sense. I am not calling this guy a guide because I am not 100% certain he is one. If he is he definitely isn't a professional. Majority of the guides out there are very courteous, respectful etc. Since I over heard them talking about scouting out other areas so it kinda led me in that direction. I have found its best to let them know they are too close and most will back off some. Its not worth going any further than that out there and letting them ruin your trip by it escalating to other things then your both in trouble.
self control
this is why I NEVER bring my gun with me in the boat.

I truly fear that if they ever did that to me on the wrong day at the wrong time that I might purely by accident empty the full magazine through the hull of their boat, reload and empty the other magazine into their motor, purely by accident of course.

I am very easy going and I don't have a short fuse at all but for outright blatant in your face disrespect like that can send me off the deep end.

most likely he was somehow thinking he owned that spot and you guys were intruders who needed to be run off. a lot of people think like that like somehow they own the spot because they have fished it before.
Photo 1 and 2 are the same pic. Photo 2 is just zoomed I in. If so pic 1s distance really isnt that close. I have seen alot closer. His approach in may have sucked but distance is acceptable to me.

You say there was 3 boats fishing the other side? But your boat takes up the whole other side. I would think there was plenty room to be had. Itd only fish my dude
rabbitchaser - 2nd pic power pole wasn't down all the way. He was still moving in. 1st pic was zoomed out not in. look at length of his boat then judge distance he was 2 1/2 lengths away...too close.
I can agree with you on some points squid.

Im more worried about the approach than distance. It happens to all of us. Gotta let it go or itll make you miserable
After you have politely asked them to give you some space...and they mouth take out the rig with the 1oz. Mr.Champ on it and cast it thru their boat at near light speed. Works every time
Light Speed Mr Champ
^5 Secret Form
rude boaters
That's a perfect example why I don't fish on Saturdays.
Careful with that sinker. One may feel his life is in danger and resort to deadly force. All he needs is to prove reasonable doubt. Just look at trayvon martins case.

Its only fish guys. Stay classy and safe fellas. Dont put your life in danger or harm another behind a trout. If ya need some I have tons. Just ask
Thats the same guys that ran between my boat and the rig we were fishing awhile back on a plane and I'm disappointed you don't see a problem with this behavior Rabbit Chaser.If you had your grandchild in the boat and some idiot did that I'm sure you would want to pop a cap in them.
ac man
You put words in my mouth. I don't have an issue on the distance as I do with the approach.

Your situation is different however. That is wrong and dangerous and puts others at risk. I would be upset also in that case.

I don't agree with throwing 1oz sinkers though. What if you hit and kill them. Imagine the hurt his family would feel knowing you took his life for fishing to close. How would your family feel visiting you in Angola because he was catching your fish so you killed him
Rabbit catching fish has nothing to do with this guy it's disrespect, I am not a novice on the water I have been on it for 55 yearsbut I have never seen so many people that feel so entitled to do what they want and the heck with the rest, no common courtesy,That is the reason our grandchildren have to have a boaters license for sins others have committed and Thats why I teach them to respect others space, as you said there are plenty fish and there are plenty places to fish, maybe some should learn how the way Squid did and myself to fish, do the homework and work for it, The Real American Way.
I come in peace
I agree with you reckless operation is common these days. But having a safety coarse isnt a bad thing. I think everyone should have it. Go take it yourself i bet you learn something. It cant hurt to have it but only help.

The issue of the OP was he was unhappy about a guy getting in to close. I commented my opinion on that issue not your run in with him. I see no wrong with fishing close as long as they come in correct. I waive ppl in all the time. Just ask the 4 boats at Sweetwater marina that I waived in friday and Saturday. Im okay with ppl fishing close. I enjoy fishing and really enjoy putting ppl on fish. Thats why I stated my opinion on the distance.

As far as learning to fish. Maybe he knows and thats why he went there. I learned alot on my own about fishing but still learned areas and things from others before and for you to claim that you never were shown a hot spot or area or read about a spot and went try is just as ignorant as the guy speeding by you in the boat.

Its only fish. If done right there is enough for everyone. Ill continue to have my opinion and respect yours. But shall we ever cross paths on the water and happen to drift to close please do not fire baby cannon balls at me I have a wife and 2 kids at home that would love to have me around.
Hard to believe what goes on
I like to get out early and last month was fishing this big lake right after day light. This guy pulls up and cuts right in front of where I was casting. He was so close so I ask him what is your problem why are you so close. His answer now listen to this well it gets so crowded in this lake that we all fish on top of each other. I had to laugh with that statement and told him well with only two of us out there now would you mind moving on which he did. This is hard to explain.
What would keep him from reeling in your expensive bait? What if he is a nut job with a gun? Is a fish worth your life?
1oz Mr. Champ
Sorry guys, my intent was to say cast across the stern of the offending boat, NOT thru the boat. I never advocate putting someone at risk. I apologize as I had mis spoken. ARRIVE ALIVE!!!
weekend warriors
I have no problem with someone getting on the fish with me. Just come in with your trolling motor not your outboard. These greenpeas that know nothing should atleast figure that out!
To Squid Row
i am the arrogant intruder you speaking of. So let's tell everyone the other side of your demented story. First of all there was one boat that was anchoredout fishing on east of pilings and you were troll motoring on the other west end of pilings which is about 250' of separation from where you were to where the other boat was. I slowed down as I approached the south side of the structure and started to idle around to the middle of yall on the north side. My wake did catch up and pass through but that is out of anyone hands. As I idled around you to anchor between yall you proceeded to get on step with your trolling motor to cut me off. As you can see in your first picture I was a good ways from you with my power pole already in the water. You managed to stick yourself closer to the other boat that was anchored out on the east side of the structure just to make a scene instead of staying
where you were when I decided it was respectful enough to get between yall. Another demented statement is you noticed me scanning other fisherman with my binoculars. My
binoculars are still in my hunting bag where I scan hunters
and there food plots. REALLY. That was my first stop as I went straight there when I left FOURCHON. But according to you I was headed back to Cocodrie. Really if I was coming from Cocodrie there are 1000's of spots to fish there before
I would run all the way to Raccourci. The reason we would laugh after we cast is because of the ridiculousness behavior coming from you by taking your troll motor and coming between me and the pilings in which I picked up 5 trout
before you got there. I am far from an arrogant fisherman or a classless fisherman. So if there is still an issue I am in fourchon every weekend come by and have a cocktail and we can discuss this like men if not keep your comments to your self and stop putting pictures of myself and friend on the
internet and defamating my character because if pushed to the point I can be a little arrogant fisherman. By the way I caught 50 that day
Who's your daddy ??
Wow ... This is getting just like the Jerry Springer Show ! Haha
'Choo-Choo Goes the Whaler'
...the most peaceful way was a ex-Marine m/c dragster Albert 'Al' Waites (known as Cannonball)...he had two 150 Mercs in back of a Whaler and would run about ten 'donuts' around a crowder...'I don't catch no fish,you don't catch no fish'...somehow he always had a finger pointing up in the air...cheers
Arrogant Fisherman
A.C. Man
Can you tell me what rig/location have done that at. I will apologize if it was me
Tank Battery just east of Fournation Island don't have rig number, But again all this should teach all of us to be mindful of each other, I had a bunch of clowns last year actually bounce off my boat at 8;00 in the morning and never slow down and yes they were drinking, so you should see some of our frustrations, and no one should want to shoot someone over fish as Rabbitchaser stated.
Rig location
The only time I fished there this year that I recall was july 4. If it was then I apologize. Stop by in Fourchon marina and I'll by you that cocktail.
I really am conscious about my fishing ways and to see this guy stretch a story to make him seem like such a victim pisses me off.
Didn't fish Sunday so pass the blame elsewhere and get off the bandwagon
That was the weekend ,had to leave early and Where I was staying comped my room which I was very thankful, but some of us are missing the Gist of all this, it's not how any fish you catch. It's how many sunrises you see, are memories you make with your grandkids, Hopefully all of you have plenty more to come, mine are limited. I'm out.
Bayou Comm - Thanks for being man enough to come on here and identifing yourself. The other boat that was on the east end even made several comments about your approach and how close you were so it wasn't just my imagination. The other boat you must have missed when they trolled over to the new helipad just east of that location.
My intentions for this post was in hopes of indentifing you and getting your attention that it really wasn't appreciated which apparently it worked. Since I now know who you are I respectfully will take the pictures off of here.
I have always been a poster on here letting others know where I fish and what baits I am using and don't just come on here to read or start trouble with a bunch of school yard antics.
I have always lived my life in living and let live by helping others when I can and will continue to do so.
Its time to put this behind us and plan our next fishing trip which is what this site is really about. I hope to be making another trip in the next week or two and will email you and let you know. We can discuss it over a cold one and a hand shake at the end of the day.
Good luck and safe fishing.
Ok does anyone know how to remove pictures on here????
Pic Removal
Make sure you are logged in. Since it's your post, you can remove the pics.

Look at the bottom of the original post for 'Insert Picture' Click that and you can copy/delete the link to the pics.

If you need me to do it for you, please let me know.
Thanks Chris they finally deleted.
Bayou Comm
I want to start by saying I have no idea who Bayou Comm is but after seeing the pics he and I where fishing the same island on Friday and I had the exact opposite situation with him, Bayou Comm I was the 24' Yellow/Black Skeeter that was slamming the Redfish almost everycast right to the west of you on that sand bar.
I'm sure as tempting as it was for you to try to slide in and get in on the action I was very suprised how far y'all actually stayed away and never came closer than prob 300/400 yards from us the whole time we where there catching , even my customers said I guess this boat is going to move in on us since we are on the fish but that was not the case at all. I'm not trying to discredit what the other guys said happened between yall just wanted to give everyone the other end of the spectrum as well, believe me as a guide I know how frustrating it can be to have another boater come in on top of you when your catching but it does happen and I don't let it spoil my day. Just try and remeber that if your close enough to tangle lines with a fisherman in another boat then your probably a little to close :)
Bayou Comm
Had a guy once that was fishing in our decoy spread while my dad and I were hunting. We were on a local lake that doesn't allow decoys on the water unless you're hunting so this guy knew we were there. Heck we were talking about him plenty loud enough for him to hear us. Some people are just rude. I guess you cant fix stupid.
Capt chris
I seen you hammering the fish. That spot has been pretty hot with both reds and specs. Hope it stays hot I'll stop by there this weekend if weather permits
so was this whole thread a fake story?
ok so who is lying? squid is your report about what happened accurate or did you just make it up? because the man you said did it said it happened differently and he did nothing wrong and pointed out several inaccuracies to what happened and what you said in your comments. so did you completely make this up or not? if you did then delete your false claims and leave the rest as just a thread about the rude people we encounter, we all have stories about them and this thread was a good place to vent about such things. Bayou Comm has denied your claims as false and you need to delete them if they are not true or stand behind them if they are true but at this point it looks like you were caught telling fish stories.
Fish Stories?
Keaker - I have never put anything false in the many years of posting here. I spelled it out just as I saw it. The other boat as I mentioned in an earlier comment that was fishing on the end of the platform even made a comment about the approach and how close Bayou Comm was fishing. I told my side of it, Bayou Comm told his side of it and that is that. I put this post up in hopes to identify who it was and now I know. Bayou Comm has invited me to contact him the next time I am down there and we will discuss it over a cold one. I will take him up on that offer. I do not dislike Bayou Comm and in fact I repect him for coming on and telling his side of the story.
As far as who belives what is not important to me. If YOU don't like my post or don't want to believe them then don't read it.
As I said earlier I have been on here for a long time and met a lot of people on here and they can verify that my post have always been accurate and never hesitated to give info of where or what the fish are biting on. Also you have never seen me come on here and pick someone elses post apart and act like a bunch of school yard kids arguing like some do.
One good thing about this country is that its ok to disagree. So KEAKER believe what you want to because I am not going to be in here 24/7 like some and argue something that is really a mute point anymore. If it continues then I will just take the post down. I have more important things to do like go fishing.
'Bring'n in'da Shrinks' we all have some intelligence to glance at both mens' profile and judge who would be the rush flipper type and who would be the easy going down to earth type ?...remember this was typed before the finger pointing and it's just a judgement of personality types and their habit both profiles and argue w/your conscience...

'ahhh sweet mystery of life at last I lost'ya'...cheers
thats fine
you never said you stood by what you said after he denied your claims so what else can we think of that except based on your failure to deny the denial, that you were not standing by your claims. now that you cleared that up, we know both sides have different views of the incident and where they stand. I applaud you for being the bigger man and not getting into petty arguments, not many can resist such temptations.
Admiral\\Keaker - My shrink already told me I am You know the earth is made up a 3/4 water and 1/4 land. So it is quite obvious that God intended for us to spend 3/4 of our time fishing and 1/4 cutting grass... Which leaves no time to argue. As the Admiral says \'cheers to ya\'.\r\nKeaker thanks for the reply
Squid...Don't feel bad mine ducks into another room and dodges me...I told him once my real name is 'Buffy' and I run with the 'Me Me Me Up-Graded Crowd' and everything I got is the 'Best'...last time we talked I noticed he was so impressed he's started to studder...cheers ???
This morning early at st mary's point pillings we caught a couple pretty trout with others fishing around us. This idiot with a woman and two kids motors up to the exact spot where we were fishing and easily within regular speaking voice. I asked him if he realized that we were fishing where his boat now was. He asked me if I thought I had a reserved spot. We laughed and kept our cool. After waiting thru 2 waves of weekend warriors, the area calmed down and we caught some really nice trout. We placed 1st and 2nd in the speck catagory at the EDG tournement at C & M. I have practiced not letting clueless fisherman get to me. I have made the mistake of getting too close or otyherwise disturbing another fisherman but was apologetic as soon as I realized what I had done. This guy was literally clueless!