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HumminBird GPS

Hi Captain Paul,
I have a Humminbird 788ciHD. I would like to know what is the best map program to buy for my unit. I fish mostly in the Delacroix area. Thanks for the information.
Map charts for a Humminbird
Humminbird 700 series mapping
Captain Paul's response to : NextTime24

The Humminbird 788 ci can accommodate the Navionics® Gold and Hot Maps™.
There are more detailed Navonics maps, but the Humminbird 300, 500 and 700 Series of units can ONLY utilize the Navionics Gold line of Marine Charts.

Check it out on the Navionics web site at, then I suggest that you visit a stocking Navionics dealer and actually view the program, preferably in a GPS unit. Zoom In on an area you are familiar with and see if the mapping meets your needs. The Gold Navionics for ALL U.S. and Canada waters sells for about $200 and comes in a Secure Digital (SD) and a Micro SD format. I mention this as I am not quite sure what type of memory card the GPS unit requires.

In addition, Navionics just released a new product they call Navionics + which is a year of updates for their Gold series of mapping charts. I believe that it sells for about $100.

While you are doing your research, be sure to get your free copy of Humminbird's data transfer program. Their HUMMINBIRD-PC program gives you the ability to electronically transfer waypoints, tracks and routes, as well as getting updates on the unit's operating software. The program allows you to enter waypoints and routes using the computer keyboard and then transfer the data into the GPS unit. Of course, it also allows you the ability of backing up all of your waypoints and routes that are in your GPS unit. The download is available after registering your unit from the registration screen.

Captain Paul
Maps for your Humminbird GPS unit