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New rod and reel

I was looking for a rod and reel combo $230 or less and i fish in kentucky and i already have st croix mojo bass with a lews speed spool and a kvd sig series with honeycomb skeet reese rod
i have a mojo bass myself also a carrot stix a powell endurance and a silver max .

ive broke the mojo bass twice both my fault they are great with warranty.

the carrot stix the butt fell off a week after buying it , tried over and over to get warranty from them even went thru the BBB they are horrid and you cant get warranty for them other then that great pole.

silver max of course its cheep lasted well the reel messed up on my son , i sent it into them with no receipt duno where it went they sent me a brand new one no questions asked.

last but least the Powell Endurance , this thing is great , never heard of the company before looked them up when i seen a few on ebay cheep they are about 170$ rods i got off ebay for 70$ new love it its a great rod .

As for reel i use Curado's and Revo's never had any problems i would like to try a Exo and a lews bb but love the ones i have and all are under 200$ total a buddy of mine swears by castaway havent tried them yet.
Quality in the USA
Try a Falcon Bucoo Series rod.
If you're just looking for an all around rod that you can fish many different lures on then take a look at the Bucoo Herm (BCC-5-166). It's about $100 or go with the micro guide version for about $30 more (BMC-66MH). If you're looking for a more technique specific then they also have models to cover that as well.
I've been buying these rods as gifts for my dad for a while and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between them and the Caras that I use.
For the reel, I buy ABU Garcia Revos. I switched to them from the Shimano Chronarch when they hit the market and haven't looked back. a Revo S will cost you about $130, but I'm sure you can check eBay and get a deal on one.
Those two items should keep you in your price range. Good luck!
the mojo/lews speed spool sounds like a good combo. For 230 on a new setup.. i would go with a Revo S and a veritas rod. These rods run a little stiff though, keep that in mind. if you shop around and wait for some deals the rods sometimes can be found for 20-30 dollars off and you can go up a model in the Revo lineup to the SX. I prefer the STX but they run in the 199 range.
i would spend around 140 for a curado 50e and then 80 for a falcon coastal series rod. great combo.
Reel Combo
If i bought a $230 combo I'd be scared to fish w/it I very conservative on reels combos. I use med hev rods 6'6'-7ft rods $25-$50 for a rod, $35-50 for good spin cast or open face high speed $100 Combo works good Best secret is the Drag setting
well JLS, some of us just have alot more disposable income. I think 200 is a very fair price for a combo that will last a very long time. My wife would probably kick me out the house if she knew the money I spend on gear. Luckily I don't like to gamble at the casinos.
I have bought several of the Temple Fork Outfitters Rods for $100 lately. They are completely designed by Garly Loomis and u cant tell difference be tfo and a g loomis. As a LA National Guard member, they have really taken care of our events and supported military. As for as reels, the lews speed spool and if u want to go cheaper, bass pro qualifier has always been good,
My father in law bass fishes alot and has been buying the $50 H2O from academy. He wont buy anything else.
Stradic and Falcon
Stradic 2500 paired up to a Falcon Original is my favorite combo. You can get new Stradic 2500 FJs from eBay for $125-$140. Falcons are usually $79-$99. May have enough left over for a 6 pk.