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Weed control in established sunflower field

I planted about 4 acres of sunflowers this year for a dove field and I'm having trouble with weeds. Just to give you a background on what we did for the field....
1. Sprayed it with roundup in late March.
2. Burned the dead grass with a torch in mid April.
3. Turned the ground over with a disc and then used a rotary tiller to prepare seed bed
4. Broadcast the seed at a rate of 20 lbs / acre (Clearfield Hybrid Black Oil sunflower friggen expensive). We don't have a planter, so had to do broadcast.
5. Ran the tiller over it again at a depth of 1' to cover the seed.
6. When the seedlings got about 10' tall, I went back over it with Beyond to try and kill the grass that was coming up too (this had little to no effect) at the recommended rate of 5 oz / acre.
7. Went back about a week after we sprayed beyond and put out 250 lbs / acre of Urea (34-0-0). Luckily we timed this RIGHT before a rain.

The sunflowers grew GREAT!... but so did the weeds. They are currently about 6' tall and some of them have heads as big as dinner plates and they're filling up with seeds and are currently all bent over and starting to dry out (as they should be). But the grass and weeds under them is at least a foot tall.

My plan is to wait a couple of weeks to let them dry out some more and then get a crop duster buddy of mine to spray either Paraquat or Sodium Chlorate or both. I was wondering if you guys had any experience and what you would recommend.
Most of those 'weeds' are likely good for doves. Don't spray em, run a fire thru there and it will get rid of the leaves and the seeds will be right there on top of bare soil for the doves to eat. You're sunflowers have already set seed so they are no longer growing and competing for resources, so spraying would do nothing but kill the grass which isn't doing any harm to your sunflowers. Doves eat grass seeds, and got by just fine before there were sunflowers planted in rows.
I'm with you on burning it, but it's all green and won't burn. If the seeds have already set, then is it ok to go ahead and spray to get all of the grass to where it's burnable or should I wait a couple of more weeks?
maybe wait a week or so and see if it dies, then you can kill it with herbicide and burn it 2 weeks before the season.

what is the reason for wanting to kill the 'weeds'? All of it is likely dove food, so you can have a buffet there. You may be able to get a good hunt first split, burn, then disk before the 2nd split and have another good hunt with those 'weed' seeds and sunflowers
You will be OK, but next season after you spray roundup, work out a pre-emergence plan.\r\n\r\nAs stated earlier, a lot of \'wild\' weeds can be very helpful to dove fields. Probably the greatest plant is croton texensis, commonly known as goatweed, doveweed, dover cocaine. This weed is common in pasture fields that have been plowed, tilled, etc.\r\n\r\nIf you have goatweed, doves will frequent that spot more than any complete spread of sunflower, wheat, corn or milo.
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