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Need Advice Buying Boat & Truck

Hey team. The time has finally come that I can afford to buy a new automobile and a small boat. I'm seeking advice on: 1. what automobile to buy that will fit my current and future needs, and 2. what boat to buy.

1. On the automobile front, I am choosing between a 2011 Silverado LS and a Ford Escape. As far as power goes, the Silverado obviously takes the cake. However, I question if I need this much power and if it's worth the gas mileage and bulk of a truck. The Escape, on the other hand, offers only 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, but gets better gas mileage and is smaller and more convenient.

2. with the power of the automobiles in mind, I need to consider my boat purchase as well. For the time being, I can only afford a simple jon boat. But in a few years, I anticipate buying about a 16' aluminum fishing boat with around a 25 hp motor. Will the Ford Escape's 3500 lb towing capacity be able to handle something like this safely?

Another concern of mine with regard to my boat purchase is the safety. I do most of my fishing in Southeast Louisiana in Lafitte, Delacroix, and I may eventually take it out on Pontchartrain. Is a 12' jon boat with a small motor safe in these locations or do I need to buy a bigger boat?

Thanks for the help
If u really enjoy fishing, save up for a decent boat. A 17-19 ft boat will allow u to fish any where in our bays and marshes. if u look hard enough that combo can be had for less than 10. As far as vehicle, I just cant see of owning anything but a truck.I think every home owner needs a truck.
I agree with the last post. I would be concerned in Lake P. in a 12ft. jon boat. When the lake suddenly kicks up (which does happen regularly), you could find yourself in a bind. 16-17t. should suite your needs. Also, I would opt for the truck, especially if you're looking to upgrade the boat in a couple of years. The Escape is front wheel drive (unless you get the AWD version), so may be tough getting out of some back down launches. I had a 17ft. G3 flatboat with a 60hp and I pulled it easily with a Toyota Tacoma 2WD V6. With the trucks, you get the rear wheel drive and most have a limited slip or locking differential for those slippery back downs. Hope this helps.
go with the Toyota Tacoma, much better gas mileage and quality and its not overpriced like ford and government motors vehicles.

for the boat go with 14-17 ft aluminum semi-vee flatboat. its the general do all boat for fresh or salt and goes anywhere safely except offshore