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Louisiana Fishing Charters

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Louisiana Fishing Charters took out two army veterans s for a quick trip. What a honor too fish with these guys. We left the marina early headed to catch some trout. Got on a good bite but they were more interested in catching reds and drum or ultra light gear that they brought. It was interesting to watch as a 18 lb. drum was caught and a 3.5 ft. gar was also caught with 4 lb. test line. the reds/drum were caught on popping corks 3 ft. under and trout caught on a 4 ft. shelf that falls of to 14 ft. with Carolina rig. Looks like the trout are going to turn on strong this next 2 weeks, the reds are still thick in the marsh.To book a trip call 504-669-1263 or
To book a trip call 504-669-1263 or