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Not Bad

Want to take off half a day to catch some fish? Easy solution...invite your boss! Took my boss this afternoon and within 5 minutes of making the first cast, he sets the hook on what he thinks is a good fish. Turns out, it was 2 on the same crankbait! We ended the day at 5:30 with 12. Could've stayed til dark and easily finished our limit but like an idiot, I drained my livewells in favor of fresher water and forgot to refill it with fresher water. All fish died fairly qiuckly and I did not want them to spoil so we headed to the house. Not bad for 3 hours! Hot as Hades though!!
Can't beat a day fishing instead of working where were ya fishing don't need specific going tommorow evening to butte larose water looks like it is screaming out hopefully we can get on them
Ann said to tell you there'll be no more carrot cake until you give up the spot!!!! LOL
She wasn't aware you posted here until I showed it to her today.
You know if you catch 2 at a time, you only have to cast half as much....
pbouy - uuhhhhhhhhhh, is Jack Miller\'s enough? I sure am gonna miss that carrot cake! Best cake......ever!
Please tell her don't tell Tim. I don't want him to know what I do all day at