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Everyone has seen a 'floating camp' in Louisiana right? Basically a barge with some walls and a roof..some more elaborate, some not.
My questions are:
What are the regulations??
Where can I moor it and where can't I?
Anchor only?
Can I tie it to a tree?
Do I need a license? I assume not if it doesn't have a motor.
What keeps someone from stealing it/using it when I'm not there?
There are some camps tied up to some pilings in the mouth of the Tchefuncte River.. Do I need permission from the piling owner to do that too? How do I find out who that owner is?
A lot of questions here but LAWLF and website says to call office...I called office and they want specific info...I don't have specific info, I want general info before I can get specific info....

Thanks for any input!
...try starting w/any 'Marine Insurance' co...cheer
a match
   e-man (R)
Most folks that have them leave nothing of value in them when not there. They leave the door unlocked.
Some leave some spam / crackers / canned food in the cabinets in case someone gets stranded.
I used one in the spillway once to avoid a bad pop up thunderstorm. left the owner a note thanking him for leaving it open so we could get out or rain / lightning.
E-Files are both right...we did the same thing long time ago on Blind River...swept and straight'n-up and left a witty note w/a bill...believe it or not was invited to a crawfish boil...cheers
There are designated spots in the basin for houseboats to legally moore. You pay like 100. I love that little houseboat in the zoo you have pictured there.
Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I am still left wondering how to go about finding out what te laws seems that if the 'authorities' don't know the rules, what is to stop me from putting it anywhere? I guess what I'm saying is that if I fork over a large mount of $$ to build a camp, I want to make sure it doesn't get towed off.... still not sure how to do that 100% though...
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