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Bow Sights for Left-Handed Shooters

I shoot Left-Handed because I'm left-eye dominant and have been using the T.R.U. Ball Axel Vision because I wanted a tool-less pin adjust sight. I like the sight well enough, but it was assembled for right handed shooters with the option of flipping it over for left-hand shooting. The most complicated part of that procedure was moving the bubble level. However, It seems like that changed the whole dynamics of the sight...I'm having to move the whole sight assy. to the extreme end of the adjustment range, which in turn limits my pin adjustment range. It just doesn't feel right, even though I have my bow locked in well at 20, 30, and 40 yards (still working on longer ranges).
Does anyone know of any good (preferably tool-less adjust)sights made for left-hand shooters, or that convert well to left hand use? Any input will be appreciated.