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Pirogue,Canoe or Kayak?

So with duck season quickly approaching I'm trying to decide whats going to give me the best bang for my buck a: pirogue, canoe or Kayak? This will be my first year duck hunting and whatever I get I would like to have the ability to do some fishing out of. A few guys I work with are getting into the kayak thing. They say its a good way to fish and hunt the management area's that don't allow outboards. My thing is this I might be able to fish out of it, but how good will it be to hunt out of(on shore of course). They have limited space for gear and especially no room for a dog down the road. I feel like the pirogue offers more but they say its unstable. And as far as the canoe, I have it in there a another option. If anyone has can share there thoughts Id appreciate it.
Def kayak
Hunted for ducks out o a red kayak last season! Yes a red one! Lol perfect duck hunting tool, I hunt the swamp so it's shallow and wooded but boy that kayak comes in handy, dry box for the mojos and gun, big back compartment for the dekes, and the kicker would be that paddling down a canal with pirogues who launch at the same time as you, you'll beat them to the spot in half the time, the kayak roles, and if you have a red one like I did academy sells a camp netting like 10$ and fits over it perfectly
Multi Purpose
If you're looking for an all around boat, I would go with a sit-on-top yak. You can get it in camp and it will serve you well for fishing and hunting. There are models that can easily carry a well trained dog and enough gear for a waterfowl hunt.

I have both pirogues and kayaks. Pirogues are not as comfortable for fishing and are less stable than most yaks. Pirogues weigh less and are wide open for more gear.

Camo yak is my recommendation for multi purpose.
I've got a touring kayak (17ft), a sit on top fishing kayak (12ft), a 2 man canoe (14ft), and a Chapman brand pirogue (King model). They all do different things better than the other. For duck hunting, the pirogue works best. I can fish just as good in my pirogue as the sit on top fishing kayak, but I can't fish in open or choppy water like I can in the fishing kayak. My pirogue has a 600 lb capacity, so it can haul as much gear as the canoe, but I rather the canoe in moving river water. The touring boat paddles like a dream. Go miles and miles with little effort. If you are going to mainly duck hunt, and occasionally fish in protected non-choppy waters I'd get a pirogue. I can put 3 grown men in my King and push pole it standing up anywhere. If your gonna want to fish in choppy water get a sit on top yak.
Thanks guys for the feed back
Different Perspective....
I agree with all above comments.....However, if you have to choose one and you're going to duck hunt when you really need a rogue, you'll hate yourself for buying a
Kayak cause it's going to be brutal tryn to pushpole that thing on the mudflats those grays wanna get into....we use 2 man chapmans with one man in em, theyre perfect, stable enough to stand in, dog, deks etc..... move through the shallows with ease...,,it's all predicated on your terrain, what you feel you'll it most for, etc...GL this season!

For Duck Hunting
Gotta get a pirogue.\r\n\r\nLike Carne said, at some point your gonna have to push thru some mudflats and you dont wanna do that in a kayak. Flat bottom pirogue is the way to go IMO\r\n\r\nCant beat a Chapman, especially with the new synthetic side rails.