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How do I rig for gar?

I have caught many garfish in my 50 years of fishing. I always used what I already had in my tackle box. Most gar were caught while fishing for 'other' species. We love to eat them and should have been putting gar in the freezer years ago.

My grandsons have asked me to take them after gar specifically. The area is smack loaded with gar, especially since they built the dams in the Mr. GO. The water is getting fresher and the amount of bait is insane!

I'll probably use jugs. How do y'all rig for them? What hook do y'all use?

Does the meat freeze well?
I would always catch a small bream, cut it up and fish it on a circle hook under a cork.
they LUV Mullets
We used to catch mullet in cast nets, use some 1 pounders, run a flex wire leader thru the butt, out the mouth with a hook barely exposed out of the side of the mouth, swivel to nylon line that's a couple foot long tied to the jug.

Don't know about frezzing them, the meat will never last that long ,,,,,, around me that is......:)
You wanting to catch spotted gar or alligator gar?
Might even be more fun for the kids if you used jugs. Rig a bunch of them and bait them with various baits and fish for perch while you wait for a bite. Use the perch for bait. My kids like jugging almost as much as rod n reel fishing.
Straightend hooks
It doesn't much matter if we catch Spotted or Alligator gar. My guess is that there are probably waaayyy more Spotted gar. From my experience, they have to have some size to 'em to make the effort of cleaning them worth it. Good to know a circle hook will work. What size to use? We tried with 5 jugs back in June. Within 20 minutes, they had straightened all five hooks and, we never landed one. The hooks were Kahle, Circle or something along those designs. I remember thinking they were too thin. Kinda like wire-hooks designed for live bait. A one pound mullet?!?! Ain't no lil ones gonna eat that! I had already decided to use jugs or those swimming pool noodles. You're right, they had a blast chasing those noodles down! That's why it's all they wanna do is go back 'Garfishing'. I'm tellin ya, they didn't get this fired-up over duck hunting.
Old secret
Take a piece of piano wire. Make a small loop on the end of it. Feed the other end of the piano wire thru the loop then make a loop on that end too. (It will look similar to a slip knot). Tie the open loop to a piece of rope then to a jug. Pull wire til your loop is about 1 ft if diameter then bend a lite so it stays that size. Put your fav bAit into bottom of loop and tie it one.
When gar hits it and goes down the piano wire will cinch down on top of his snout and embed in his top teeth. Use a big jug now. The deeper her goes the tighter it gets and the further it goes into his jaw. This was my grandpas 'Gar Noose'. Works great!!
Use a 7/ot hook , treble hooks are good too . Twist some stainless tie wire onto the hook and cut it off about 2' from the hook .

Make a 2' loop with heavy trot line string and attach it to a 1 gal bleach bottle .

Take your mullet and slide it down the wire head first , where it's mouth is resting on the bottom of the hook so the mullet is covering the hook and wire .

Twist the wire to the loop on your jug and just toss it out and start fishing.

Good luck !
How deep?
2 feet of wire, plus 2 feet of string? That means I'll be fishing around 4-feet-deep. Is that correct?

My dad and uncles used the old wire-loop to catch gar. I wish they were still around to ask them what wire they used. I went to a piano place. They want a fortune for piano wire! We'll try the wire, but it surely won't be PIANO wire. Any suggestions for a thin-but-tough wire that will close quickly and smoothly around that snout?

My mom would scrape the meat down with a spoon to 'flake' the meat. She would make garballs in red-gravy and, she cooked the garballs in a brown-gravy with gumbo crabs included. I fry thinly cut pieces of the meat and I grind some to make fish-cakes.
Gar jugs
Yes about 4 ' deep . And no don't buy piano wire lol . Use stainless tie wire . Insulators use it to insulate industrial piping . If you need some I have some ill give you .. I can give you better directions if you want just email me your phone number .

But here is some mullet cut in half already on the hook waiting to be tied on a jug .
Hey Choupic

That is a very kind offer! I spent over 20 years employed by our local refinery. I will call the company that did our insulating work for many years. I think they might share some wire with an old 'hand'. Thanks again for your generosity!

Thanks to everyone who offered advice! If anyone has some different or additional ideas, please add them here.
Gar Jugging
When is the best time to go out and do this. I was thinking to do the same thing with my kids. I have a few jugs saved up and would like to start trying this.
When to fish
I've only fished them during the summer and have never fished them during the day . But I find they bite best the hour before dark till an hour after dark , then again right before daylight . And if its tidal water your fishing , they're about the same as anything else , bite better on outgoing tide .
i will try that
my camp is on a little lagoon on the tchefuncte river and there are dozens of gar. i saw one last week that had to have been 8 ft long. none of them ate any jugs with chicken livers on them. I tried live bream and each time they would take only the heads. so when i adjusted to hook them in the heads we couldn't get a bite. talk about frustrating because i can see them all over the place
New tactic
Last year I went with my buddy who is a religious gar fisherman. He brought something to my attention that I had never tried. He said to scale the mullet and then hook it. His reasoning was that the gar take the mullet initially and just sit there thrashing and playing with it to get the scales off. Only then do they swallow it. He claimed his hooksets increased markedly after trying this. He learned the trick from some older fisherman. Happy hunting.
Try my noose I explained above with brim tied to bottom on noose. Soon as they grab em and shake to descale them the noose tightens on them and you got em. Been doing this way for over 30 years.