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Lack of good advice here

Every time I come to this site, I come away with the same thoughts. And, just tonight, a group of friends and family were together at my house for the Saints game and the subject of this forum came up. Before I could voice my opinion, several other guys mentioned the same complaint I have. There is not enough friendly advice to be gotten here and, this 'forum' has become an advertising platform for charter captains.

A very good friend of mine's Dad is a charter captain, great man. My younger cousin married one of the most popular charter captains in south Louisiana. A very fine young man who played baseball for many years with my middle son is doing great as a charter captain. No one is more supportive and proud of our burgeoning 'charter industry' than me. They earn EVERY dollar they make.

However, there should be a 'Charter' forum here for those who want to read what the captains have to say and, who for those who want to read the lists of names of the people on the boats with the charters.

When a question about technique, strategies, locations or specific advice is requested, we know we can expect the MANY replies to 'hire a professional guide'. After about ten million of the same answer, you'd think the respondents would have gotten the point. Some people actually take the time to reply with “I agree, hire a guide”. We know how you feel about guides!

So many times someone asked a question and, I’ve wished to have just ONE person answer the question that was asked!

Some folks, like me, will NEVER hire a guide. They are too expensive and, I enjoy being with my family or friends instead of fishing with strangers. Especially loud, drunk or half-naked strangers.

No need to shrill your opposition to my thoughts here. If you have given the 'guide' advice a thousand times 'I GET IT'. And, I can assure you, anyone who has read 3 posts here, already 'gets it' also. Seriously, how many thousands-of-times do you think we need to read the same, regurgitated advice?

For years I enjoyed the fabulous advice of the men here. They would share everything from knots to yachts with everyone. I never did expect folks to give up their 'specific' spots. But, if someone asks how to fish a rig in lake Borgne or, how to set up over an oyster reef, give them some actual advice relative to their questions! How hard is to say, white artificial, downstream side, look for drop-offs or ….. No, we get thousands of “hire a guide”. WE GET IT!

Can you imagine a better way to grow this forum than for people, new and experienced, to be able to come here and get real advice or to give real advice. I just recently asked a question about 'Garfishing' . I got about 7-8 responses! It felt like old times here. Fisherman answering questions for other fishermen.

Go back and read several pages here and see how many times people reply to a post without giving one piece of advice regarding the specific question asked by the 'original poster'.

Again, “we get it”. Many of you think we should hire professional guides to learn how and where to fish!
both ways
I see ur point on that situation. I used to be like u wanting advice never got to much of a response but i learned and im actually now a fishing guide part time. Yea im not always on here to read every report but im sure with most captains if u email them they will give u advice on most questions without giving there spots away but at the same time putting u on some fish. I will always help out a fellow fisherman if i get a email about a area to fish in. As a matter of fact if u look up some of my videos on Louisiana sportsman i give nutin but tips and advice in them. Im not here to start mess just putting my 2 cents out there but i do see it from ur point of view as well.
Part-time or full-time
Hey Nightfisher

You learned and, whether you guide part-time or full-time, you earn EVERY dime you make. And, I hope you make very well!

We fish out of Shell Beach, Breton Sound and Delacroix. We see the charter boats all of the time. I don't think I've ever met one of the captains that wasn't a good guy. Just is absolutely not my bag brother.

The charters pretty-much out-fish me on a regular basis. I know that irks a lot of people. Not me.

It used to be a fella could get some good advice right here in this forum and a few others on the local websites. Now it's mostly 'hire a guide'.

I can't imagine why anyone would be hesitant to offer a few tips here-and-there. My grandkids get back to the launch and tell everyone within shouting distance, what we caught them on and, if they know, they tell them where we caught them. Makes me proud to see them try to help. Maybe we should act more like children sometimes!

Still think there should be a special place for 'charter' posts. Of course, the captains should still be allowed to share advice here if they wanted to.

I appreciate your response Nightfisher, really.
i understand
yea there are that could care less. i kno a bunch that are. anytime someone ask for advice i help as much as i can without giving up my spots but also puts that person on fish. last thanksgiving i was on trout where no one was. but everyone was in little lake in Delacroix hammering them under birds. i passed them rite by waving but also gave advicde on where to go to get away from the boats to get on fish. u need any advice at anyrime all ya gotta do is email me. a lot ppl can back me on here on what im saying. i get a lot of emails from ppl on here and respond to every one.
Testify, I understand its how Captains make their livings and I too would protect my financial interest as well. Bigloedude you make a valid point such as what color plastic or how deep etc. I also agree that these sites have become free advertising for businesses like Seatow.
OK, this is another one I should stay out of but, I have a nack for stepping in it when I could have went around it!
Even before I was guiding part time I would rely on the post from the guides for most of my information. There’s usually at least one of them posting every day so you are not reading about what someone caught last week. And if no guide is posting at all the fishing is pretty bad. There’s always plenty information in our post if you read between the lines, I never want exact locations anyway. You already pretty much know when the fish are inside or outside and you can usually tell from clues in our post when they make the transition. All we use in Dularge for trout 98% of the time is plastic and we usually say what it is, we usually state if it’s under a cork or not. If the fish are outside hit the islands and platforms and you will find them, exact location is not needed and where you catch fish one day don’t mean they will be there the next day? You have to move around and locate them again, if I caught on one platform today of course I will start there again tomorrow but, I’m not staying long if they don’t bite. “ I caught my limit in one hour here yesterday so I ain’t moving”, dat don’t work!

When the fish are in the lakes anybody can find them, just keep moving. In the marsh you are pretty much on your own according to your knowledge of the area. In the middle of winter if I gave you an exact location in the marsh and you don’t know the area there’s a very good chance you won’t make it there, you will be stuck. If you want to learn hire a guide when the fishing is bad and tell him you want to go anyway. You might not limit out but, you will learn most of his spots!

OK, now I done stepped in it!!LOL
Go to the hunting reports; find a duck hunter that is limiting out every day on public land and ask exactly where his blind is? Or a deer hunter on public land exactly where is stand is so you can use it tomorrow? We are sharing public waters with everyone else.

Just like Capt Scott (nightfisher) said, a friendly email can get you alot of help.

Capt E
The mentality and sportsmanship is just not there anymore.

Back in the day you could help out anyone and they would in turn help you out. That was before the internet days.

Now people want everything by doing nothing it seems. Its hard to separate those people on the internet. Some people come on here asking for advice who put in absolutely no work at all and have no intentions on returning the favor.

But the guide situation is different. I have no problems and would recommend a guide to anyone fishing a new area for the first time. Then from there pick a spot and learn it for yourself.. The most satisfying part of fishing is finding the fish on your on.
mixed response
I have seen the 'hire a guide' statement, I have said so myself to folks that are asking repeated generalized questions like; how do I catch trout?, or how do you fish the marsh?, How do you fish Delacroix? Otherwise I have given specific advise when I saw specific question asked, that I knew the answers to such as; How do you set up to troll?, how do you set to carolina rig croakers? I have to agree with Elton and Scott that there is a lot of information given in the guides reports, you just have to decipher it. My biggest complaint about this site is all the bickering, and folks calling people out...thats where the lack of sportsmanship shows for me. Just saying.
More thoughts
Capt. Elton

I clearly stated that I never would expect a charter or, even a weekend angler to give their specific spots here. I wouldn't expect a duck or deer hunter do give their spots either. I especially wouldn’t expect a captain to divulge the spots he relies on to make a living. We very much all appreciate the advice you do give.

If the charters had their own forum section, anyone who wants to 'read between their lines' could go to that section. This part of the forum should not be MOSTLY charters advertising their business and providing a place for their charter customers to see their names in print. Y’all already have the “Reports” section to list this information. How many people do you think care about the names of the folks you took fishing?

Fish_Finder; Sportsmanship can still be found. My last trip out, a young couple asked some older guys how to cross Stump Lagoon. The old guys picked up their anchor and had the couple follow them across. And, the old guys were catching fish at the time!
Good Advice
First time post but felt the need to respond regarding information gained off of this site. I read the reports from the captains on here regularly and enjoy the reports. Yes, you have to read between the lines but the captains share enough information that I definitely gain some insight in regards to how and what fishing techniques are being used. Last week I e-mailed Captain Marty LaCoste and he immediately responded to my question even though I was not booking a trip at the time with him. He did not have to share but he did and I think that is a pretty good reflection of most of the captains on this site. I have seen other captains just as helpful when asked and each generally point folks in the right direction. I don't expect GPS coordinates and I should would never give them out to my duck honey holes either.
My .02 cents
Here's my .02 cents on sportsmanship and the charter captains post.

Sportsmanship should not be gained or earned but yet given, and no other sportsman is greater than I or you.

And the charter captains, I feel as if you are correct in saying that they should have there own section to post in, and yet they do give helpful information I wouldn't believe every single peice of information given by the captians(not to say that it isn't true but just stating a personal opinion)(now emailed info may be different). As for myself I'd rather not see every single post by a captain of limits of fish bc for me that's unrealistic. I like many others are weekend warriors and like to read post of others who aren't going and limiting out every weekend. Yes a limit is great but for I just enjoy catching fish and find more reliable and helpful info from the other weekend warriors who may go out and blank or who may go out and catch a dozen or so or etc. when I ask for help on an area or knowledge on a topic it may not be because I'm a new sportsman but because I like to hear what the people have to say and learn from the guys who can't be on the water everyday. Captains give good advice but you must remember they also see the water day in and day out so you may not be able to repeat or compete with there outings, and that's why a non guide post gives me a better judgement on how I'm going to fish and what to expect hen doing so.
It seems like this post has two main points with the first being guides need their own section and the second being that the useful content of this forum is fading away. I for one believe that is false. There are plenty of willing people that frequent this forum. I grew up trout fishing and thought I knew what I was doing for the most part. Once I bought my own boat I began to realize other people were caching when I was not. Rather than complain about it I decided to read and read and read. And fish every chance I got. Even when conditions suck. If I saw a post where someone caught on a day I struggled I asked questions and I can only remember twice where I got no response. Its all in how you approach someone. I have gotten plenty advice from guys like Rucker, holy mackerel, Dr spot, eastofmrgo, lord bud, dockside, nightfisher, Capt jack, swamp stallîon etc. All of these guys know more about fishing than I do and that's a fact so I soak up everything they have to say and return advice when I find something that works for me. I guess what I am getting at is that some of these guys are guides and some are not but all shared information willingly. I think it is silly to make two forums out of one just because you don't want to see the guides posts. All you have to do is scroll down past them and keep reading. I also believe the reason weekend anglers do not post as much as guides is because internet hot shots pick apart peoples post telling them their fish are too small or they falsified information etc. It gets old after a while and people decide to keep to themselves. Now my fingers hurt from all that typing. Dont change a thing LAS except possibly requiring people use a real name. I like that idea. Keeps posters honest.
asking for help
I love to fish,but unlike some don't get to go as often as I like. I have a limited income so when I go a little help is greatly appreciated. I hear of people catching in(for example) Unknown pass,my question would be is it in the pass,off one of the canals, near the lake, etc. don't want an exact spot just a general area. I just want to have fun and catch a few fish.
I do think the guides are helpful and wish that I could afford a trip. Oh by the way this is no place for 'Mud Slinging' no matter how cute ya think it is. Just saying
learn which posters give information, target them
Information is still available, it just gets buried fast nowadays. The result has also been a decrease in non-guide fishing reports. That isn't just a problem here, but on most fishing sites. Guides pay the bills. However, they don't contain much information. Its a downward spiral. This site and others don't seem to get it.

My suggestion is to learn which posters give information. Most sites have a search archive, so you can read several years worth at once of those posters. For example, I'm not a guide (and don't catch as many fish), but my posts usually contain tips from 30 years of fishing experience, so feel free to read my archive. If you try to read my fishing reports real-time, they get buried in about 12 hours, often less.

Here's a tip: the transition is on this month. The redfish bite suddenly gets better by the second week of September. It's related to bait movement, shorter days, and the redfish spawn. Also, the trout will be moving to the fringe bays by the 3rd or 4th week of September and more accessible to smaller boats. Get the honeydos out of the way, the best time of the year is fast approaching.
thanks for the tip I am planning to go over in the slidell area very soon
Lake P about to kick in, too
The best fishing in Slidell starts real soon, too. Yeah, you will see Lake P reports and the Rigolets reports, blah, blah, blah, by the experts/guides in the spring and summer. But the best fishing for normal folks is September-November. White shrimp move in, and the salinity increases. East shoreline, south shoreline, Twin Spans, and train trestle. Sometimes even birds over trout and bull reds, especially on the upshelf region west of the Rigolets known as the 'Middle Ground.'

Best bet is always Hopedale, Delacroix, etc., though.
I agree
I agree with dr spot. there are still some very good fisherman who are not pros on this site. I have found great info from them. And i have gotten some info from guides also. I wish i had the answer to get more recreational fisherman to post and help others but i do not. i appreciate all the help i have gotten it has definitely helped.
The best thing to do is email someone and talk to them personally. Info is shared between me and guys on here every week telling exact spots where to go and vice versa.
earlier post
I could be wrong but i thought i saw the original poster had a post about how to rig for gar and there were several responses with good and helpful advice from members who are not charter captains. just saying
Valid thread
I see your point, although I have had good experiences doing the same. I posted a thread a couple of years ago about Saline-Larto, kind of trying to get the low down on it....Well a user e-mails me, we exchange phone numbers and he tells me exactly where to go. We didn't hammer them last spring, but this last spring we did. Thank you Mr. Kratzer!

I also posted a thread about Freshwater city and a few good folk pointed me in the right direction.

I try to return the favors given to me and help people, but probably don't come through as much as I should. I will say though that I don't expect help from others, I just count is as bonus if I do. The comments such as get a guide or figure it out for yourself are comments that I would never make because Mom said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. They are easy to ignore too.

The good thing about these forums is that is in our discretion as to whether we post comments or not. I have typed out many a knee jerk response to inflammatory threads and then deleted them and exited the forum....Its kind of therapeutic.

Oh well, those are my ramblings.
I see people (both guides and regular) giving out helpful information every single day on here.....always somebody cryin' bout somethin'
Not cryin
I wrote about my garfish question and how thankful I was that some folks took the time to answer.

I'm not trashing the site guys. Just saying that after we've read 10,000 times 'hire a guide' WE GET IT'. It's just as easy to type a real answer as it is to recommend a guide.

And, I thought I was clear in my sincere support of charter captains here. But, they already have the 'REPORTS' section they dominate. If they want a 'Forum' give 'em one.

The main function of a forum is to ask questions and hopefully many people benefit from the answers given. I don't understand why anyone would get angry with a suggestion to keep it more like a 'Forum' and to ask that more folks give real answers. The fact that the captains will answer emails is generous and helpful. But, only ONE person gets the benefit of that emailed advice. I can imagine after a day on the water the captains don't much feel like answering forum questions all night. That's fine. Whatever advice they offer will be appreciated and used by many anglers here! I for one.

I'm not angry about anything. I'm not crying. Just thought I would mention how the place has changed over the years and wish more real answers were being offered. Tell me y'all are not tired of the same old 'get a guide' answer?

As far as stupid questions. Who needs permission to ask something like 'How do I fish the marsh'. How hard would it be to write 'cast into the downstream side of points', 'if you're inexperienced, you might wanna stick with live bait for a while', 'cast into the little tranasse', 'fish the lee side of...' Like someone said, if you don't like the question, scroll down.

My whole point in writing this was for more people to benefit from good and specific answers here. I also thought giving the captains their own section would make it easier for anglers to come here and find questions and answers rather than dozens of list of the names of people who rode with them on their last trip. Any good questions get buried behind pages and pages of what should be in the 'reports' section anyway.

I'm a happy old guy. Just trying to get MORE HELP for anglers. God knows, I can use it!

By the way if you need a good guide...LOL!!!
lack of reports
I don't post much on here anymore mainly because I became a Guide and I don't advertise with this site. Now If I make a personal trip and I have time (usually my reports go on my FB page) i'll try to get a report up now and then.
When trolling was in full swing this spring I would get several questions and emails a day about it. I would try to answer them to the best of my ability but this is also now how I put food on the table for my family. I would tell what colors, how to rig and general areas (north, mid or southshore) Few years ago I would give exacts to help people out and the next day I would go out (nobody would be in the area for weeks) there would be 5-6 boats there who acted like they own the water. Once I noticed the lack of respect I started to post less or give more 'general information.'
Then you have the people out there who you even offer to take fishing and only expect them to help out with expenses just like any buddies do when you go on a fishing trip and they expect you to take them for free and give them your 30+ years of knowledge for free (most know who i'm talking about)
one example
Here is one example. A few years ago I was on one of the best trout bites of my life. sometimes I couldn't fit 24 trout in the cooler. I'm talking 4-8lb trout. I told ONE person about it. I didn't go out for a week. Come to find out that person went out, slammed em like I was doing for over a week and came on here and made a post about it with pics of several 5+lb trout. A week later I went out and was in disbelief. 78 YES 78 boats were in this location. I stopped for 10 mins just to see Anchor lines tangled, fishing lines tangled, people yelling and screaming. It was HORRIBLE!! Now if this had happened to you would you give out any more exact locations? or would you use more generalizations?
I'd use generalizations too. lol
I agree
Your right . thats why I don't even bother sending my reports. I beleive they need to put a smaller limits on the fishermen who are using a scout. And only allow them to take customers out monday through friday. Its like when the blacken redfish was created . Everyone ran gill nets until they were fished out. Now with the fast boats and gps everyone s a captain.
Guide forum
How bad would it suck to have Dockside Bait and Tackles very informative videos hidden in a sub forum?
Yes indeed, be a REAL strain to have to click that mouse twice instead of just once.
mouse clickin
Almost as hard as using that mouse wheel to keep going past guide posts on the main forum.
I can take it or leave it either way Mojo. Why the big desire on your part to keep it like it is when you have several folks asking for a change?
asking for change
I have the desire to not push paying guides to a back page somewhere.The reason to pay sponsor the site is because they get their advertizements where they can be seen by the public.
If pushed to their own forum it will be almost nothing but other guides reading their posts.
I just do not think it is logical.Sorry some are not satisfied the way the site has been ran for years.
I also see no harm in someone voicing their opinion like they're doing here.
No big deal either way.
This is 'murica
If you guys don't like the site, start your own. Jeez--a bunch of whiners here the past week. And you call yourselves men?
I suggest a tips of the week
My suggestion is to make a section called 'tips of the week.' The posts are moderated anyway. Just add the ones with tips to an extra section. People who put in that kind of effort deserve a little more exposure, is helpful to the readers, and will increase web traffic (more 'hits', more ad money).

This may also encourage the guides to provide a little more information as well. We don't want their spots overrun, either. But most of the time, that doesn't matter. I've been fishing with Capt. Frank Moore 6 times. Each time was a completely new area based on time of year and conditions. We caught fish, but more importantly he explained why we fished an area, which translated to a huge learning experience.

I also have a GPS tracker (mostly to keep my Mother-in-Law from calling the Coast Guard when I'm running late, an interesting story for another day). I sometimes email the last fishing trip locations to friends who may be going out the next day. I'm not afraid of the spot getting overrun, because the fish move every week, often every day. One has to learn to fish conditions, not spots.
better than most
At least this site doesn't consist only of a handful of guides that do nothing but show limits of trout they caught below a certain freshwater diversion and then put 'stop the diversions' in every single post
Leave it like it is, but.......
I know the problem is that an individuals post gets pushed off the front page by the guides coming in and 'advertising' their wares daily. Well that's how they make a living. This forum is how they get business.
If there were only individuals posting, this would be a very small and lonely forum. I have seen many days where not one individual has made a post. Right now with bow season and teal season coming up it has gotten more active.
Two changes I would like to see.
1: Add 2 help wanted sections. One for fishing and one for hunting. This would be a place where you can ask questions and not have your post bumped off before the end of the day by guide posts.
2: Name, address and phone number to be able to post to this forum. Address and phone number not seen by others but verifiable by LAS if need be. Name, city and state on profile. Must wait 24 hours before posting. This would probably give a lot of relief to moderators who could in seconds call a poster and verify in mere seconds if there is an actual problem with a post or comment. Would stop a lot of guide bashing and bashing of others. As of right now I can only think of one who would have a problem with this.
Being ''incognito'' should not be an option. I am incognito but would not have a problem ''coming out''. Facebook has been my saving grace. It's where I post and read the post of guides I have as friends or follow.
I still come here and read a lot but seldom comment. Being called a ''Hater'' for a comment on a video about the safety of a little boy running in a boat that was under way, then diving on the front casting deck pretty much put an end to me here. It is what it is.
@ Bigloedude
I kinda see your point that instead of hiring a guide that you'd much rather learn a new spot on your own with family & friends. Any success you have means you 'learned it & earned it'

Not for nothing , but it seems that every summer when the STAR Trmt kicks in from Memorial Day to Labor Day, that reports and advice dry up like a drought-stricken farm pond. It's understandable - we're all a competitive bunch and it's just natural for folks to clam up until the STAR is over this Monday.

I haven't posted any reports all summer and I've cut back to just fishing with two of my oldest fishing buds. I'm in to win it but frankly the way my fishings been going I think I'm DFL right about now! LOL

Maybe wait until after Monday and ask some questions then? I reckon folks might be a lot more forthcoming.

Hope this helps.

aka 100FFC
How about I re-phrase my suggestion?
I have stated that I'm in full support of charter outfits. I explained how several captains are either family or dear friends. And, I’m proud of them all!

Several of the captains here believe that because they pay for advertisements here, that they should be able to spam-up and dominate this forum AND the “Reports” section. Are you paying to post in the forums? I don’t. Are you NOT GETTING the advertisements you’re paying for? If you were paying for advertisement on the local news broadcast, would you expect to be allowed to run in front of the camera, at will, shouting the names of the people who fished with you that morning? I mean, all the folks would have to do would be to change channels, right?

We shouldn’t have to wade through pages and pages of captains stroking their clients, when you already got the advertisement you paid for AND the 'Reports' section. Now if the captains would like to offer advice in this forum, wonderful, splendopious and fantabulous!

And, as far as advice goes. My opinion is that if you are gonna take the time to write something, write something helpful based on the question the original poster asked. No one here has the right to determine if the question is too general or, to refuse anyone advice because you think it has been asked several times before. And, everyone would be thrilled when a captain gave advice. The “username” would/should indicate that it is that particular captain giving the advice. I guarantee the folks here would appreciate that generous and helpful advice!

Not one thing I have asked for or written can possibly be viewed as anti-charters, angry, or mean-spirited. However, if I had to put my real name on here, I wouldn't do it because captains I care for very much (family and dear friends) would certainly get their feelings hurt. If that makes me wrong.....
Great comments...thanks guys. We will be making significant changes before the year is out. Working on a bunch of programming as we speak. Programming is not cheap, nor overnight. Takes time. Look at the forum view (button on top, right next to reports) it is exactly the same information as the reports, but in a different format. We are tweaking (programming) it now with some changes. I believe it will allow us to start more sections and keep guides in their own section, duck hunters with duck hunters, kayakers with kayakers, etc. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
...sounds great Tony,a couple of people mention a separate 'SWAP/TRADE' colume...cheers to 'ya
What about a diy and tips page
I know we are mainly talking about fishing reports but if you are adding or changing things I think a diy and tips page would be a nice addition. I like the idea that dr spot had also. The more information the more people will look and hopefully contribute
A few years ago there was a section in the magazine that a guide gave 10 gps spots and how to fish them. I thought it was great and very nice of guides to do that. Maybe you could bring something similar to that too the site. Maybe once a month have fairs s guide and let him give some advice on spots. I don't think they would agree to 10 but maybe 5 or something. That's a lot to ask a guide but it might be worth it if they got some type of spotlight for the month. Just a thought
When ppl ask me where to start fishing to put a few fish in the box I don't give them areas where I'm catching all my fish but I do give them spots that I have fished in the last 2 weeks that I have put a decent amount of fish I'm the boat. I don't mind helping out at all
Good sportsmanship
That's a great attitude to have capt. I believe you fish because you love to and want others to love it also. I do not think you are out for a quick buck.