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Bayou Pigeon Boat ramp

I was there the morning being referred to. I know the person that is being accused of breaking in line to launch his boat. What is not known is that he did not intentionally break in front of anyone. He did not see the line because it was off to the side and not where it usually lines up. Once he realized that there was a line, another truck that was IN line waiting,let him go on in. We also made the same mistake because we did not notice the line. The only commotion was from the loud gentleman that was ranting and raving to the other people stirring them up, He litetally came down to the boat launch shouting at people broadcasting his anger to all, even those already in the water whom did not know what was going on causing them to make comments. This easliy copuld have caused a fight from comments being incited by this man. I would just like to say that there are always more than one side to every story. Before you judge consider that. We have been fishing at the spillway all of our life and have never had or caused trouble. The people accused in this are good people and in fact tried to apoligize but the gentleman whom was ranting would not listen, and yes the same accused 'IDIOT' did speak to Mr Fisherking later in the day because that is the kind of person he is. We also offered to assist Mr fisherking in the water when another boat flooded them. I just had to reply to these accusations that were one-sided and state it ALL could and should have been handled differently by all parties involved.
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   Bad Brad
I would like to say thanks for your comments. There is usually indeed two sides to every story. One problem is that this happens more often than not (breaking in line that is).

Not sure what you mean by the line not being In the usual place though. If the line does not go back across the levee it usually stretches back into the parking lot on the right side as you enter. Maybe there were not that many in line and can't say as I wasn't there.

I do believe you when you say it was an honest mistake. Sounds Ike the guy that got angry may have overreacted. After all, it was supposed to be a pleasure trip and sounds like it wasn't much pleasure for all those involved. Been there, done that. Thanks again for explaining your (or his) side of the story.

Now at the risk of getting myself in deeper water, I am wondering what happened to my comments on the original post concerning the ramp. Didn't think it was offensive but seems it as deleted with most of the other comments. Now, I was gone from here for a few days and maybe missed the explanation but I searched and couldn't find anything. I certainly didn't receive an email or anything regarding the deletion or anything. Again just wondering?

Thanks ladyfisherman and have a great fishing trip next time.

I appreciate your facts in this matter....Just further proves my point about all the hot heads and wind bags out there !!! The old saying is Don't let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird rear end.....there's a bunch of members on this forum that should practice this !!
Thanks for the update...who woulda thunk?
Reply that was done with class...cheers