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Horton Archery is out of business. Now what?

Horton Archery went out of business. Hunterís Manufacturing Company,Inc. (TenPoint Crossbow Technologies), announced that they purchased selected assets of former competitor, Horton Archery, effective July 1, 2013.

TenPoint has purchased machinery, equipment, and other selected assets, including trademarks, licenses, and the rights to the Horton name and TenPoint will not continue making or servicing any of Hortonís current or past bow models. TenPoint intends to spend the months ahead creating a new company with a new lineup worthy of the Horton name.

The new company will be Horton by TenPoint. But what do we do now? Bow strings and cables are diminishing fast from the stores. Need a new limb for your Horton crossbow? Unless you know of someone who can actually make these parts for you, we're in a hell of a fix.
Oh no mine broke a limb last year and I never had it fixed what a crock!