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Anti hunting vet

Please read this and pass along if you are a hunter and a dog trainer.

I have never had a worse experience with a Vet.. ('Pets R our World ' the corner of Jeff hwy and St George) First thing of note is that , they have no respect for your time.

Do to a personal illness and surgery , I got behind on my dogs heart worm prevention. They got heart worms , It was time for me to find a new vet. The new clinic was real convenient. I set up a apt . to discuss using her services, not to see my animals. I knew that my buddies were positive with heart worms They were just tested a less than a month before. all I wanted options and cost!!

I was called the day before the apt and told to bring the dogs in, that they could start treatment That day If I wanted.I changed my days plans and I brought the dogs in. I sat for over a hour in the sun while other patients who came after me were take in before me and my dogs.

When I finally got to see her, we talked about the dogs and treatment, options. What was to be a free visit, would now require a 56.00 heart worm test to get a set fee. The records I brought with me showed the results from the same test less than month before. I agreed to pay just to get things moving along. I agreed to the cost and treatment and wanted to get started .I was then told since she could not be there the next day that I would have to wait a week to start. I set a apt for the following Wednesday one week later. (remember they told me to bring in the dogs to get started, I changed my day to do so with the understanding we could treat them)

When I asked when it would be OK to work them, she made a anti hunting comment and told me not to hunt them this year period.

My guys are well trained and valuable hunting dogs. You do not have enough money to buy them period. We had a 2 or 3 week hunt planed. The boys and me living in my sprinter Van running from Minnesota to the pacific I canceled the hunt, thats were the money was going to come from for the treatment. I love them like I do my grandchildren.

My boy Moe is 8 years old and loves to hunt, I have had 3 growths removed in the last 21/2 years. Poor Moe did not get to duck hunt but only once in the last two seasons.

He made the last hunt of last season, and just came alive. Moe is a great dog and hated being left at home and not given his share of the action. This breed of dog lives to hunt, Because of chronic joint pain I was about to give up the hunt more than once, but I have continued to hunt mostly for them. You would have to see these dogs work to understand me doing so. I had to do every thing i could to get Moe one more hunting season.

having a week to think about it. I decided the best thing I could do for Moe was to delay his heart-worm treatment to the first of the year (4 Months), and have the growth removed first. We could do a slow kill on the heart worms till then ( a treating option), The cancer he is fighting could take him from me, long before the heart worms would have a negative affect on his health.

After Franky's treatment for heart worms, I moved Franky into the house just to keep him quite and comfortable.. Moe missed his running mate, started running up and down his kennel and got off his feed. Moe has always had a real high metabolism . He dropped a few pounds, I think she said 3 lbs, but it was more like 5.

I wanted Moe to have his best chance with this cancer, so I suggested since he had some loose skin to cut back enough tissue to insure she had removed all the bad . tissue.

I left Moe for the surgery, and got a call a hour later to pick him up. She had decided that all I cared about was hunting and did not care about my dog. if I were not going to treat him for heart worms now ( I wonder if the $600 in her hand now instead of in Jan had any thing to do with this).. She was not going to do the surgery and I quote 'just so I could have another hunting season!'. She then accused me of starving my dog for the sake of a hunting season.

I may not have communicated well, I am feeling a lot of guilt over the heart worm thing and stress over the cancer thing. This woman has jumped to some nutty conclusion, colored by what I believe are strong anti hunting views, and possible a dislike of me as a hunter.

The woman is a nutcase, I refuse to call her a Doctor. Doctors or professionals who provide the best care to all, not just the ones who have the same views.

I don't care what your views are on hunting or of their owners, If you don't understand the passion and drive these animals have for the hunt, or the bond between a hunter and his dog, You do not understand dogs and should not work with dogs. A Doctor should not allow their personal views on something to effect the quality of care they provide and to who they provide.

These dogs don't understand the politics, they only know what they love and live for. They are noble and should be respected and deserve the best care.
Yeah not all vets are alike. I just switched to 'The spay spa' in Ervwinville. Dr.Fairchild is her name. Not a money monger either. Look on line and you will see her prices are 50% of most places. She has a lot of experience too.
'Intellect vs Morality'
...I hate to say this but TWO fanatics on anything rarely do agree...looks like the agony of moderation is needed...I hope the dogs win...also run across two Vets in Hammond that has millionaire aspirations...shopped around and got a $60 bill instead of $110 ???...a pharmaceutical sales rep.told me the shot cost $8.00 ??? cheers ???
Poor communication!
Let me start off by saying that I am a Veterinarian, so is my wife, brother, and sister in law. We all live to hunt and fish in the outdoors. Sounds to me like you had poor communication with your Vet, she didn't understand you and you didn't understand her. I can tell you I won't treat a dog for heartworms with anyone else's results, they are getting a test at my clinic. Next, a dog needs 90-120 days of rest following a heartworm treatment. Most Vets don't routinely perform anesthesia on heartworm positive dogs. You can't have the best of both worlds. Her reasoning is sound in that you can either have the treatment done and rest the dog for 3 months or you can delay the treatment if duck season is more important to you. It is your decision to decide which is more important to you, duck season or a live dog? That's not anti-hunting it's just the cold hard truth. I find lots of owners become angry and frustrated during a heartworm treatment due to the cost and complications involved and want to blame the Vet. This usually rubs me the wrong way, and it is hard to hold my tongue and I have to tell people I didn't give the dog heartworms you did. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I think better communication would have cleared up most of your troubles. FYI Rabbit the shot may only cost 8.00$ but the degree to give and purchase the drug cost 120,000$, the building I give it in cost 400,000$ and the 10 employees, electricity, insurance, and other operating expenses is about 30,000$ a month. Cheers!
If I do heart worn now, the dog most likely dies before he sees another season from the cancer. THE CANCER CAN'T WAIT ON THE HEART WORMS. HE ONLY TEST POSITIVE FOR A MILD INFECTION AND HAS NO SYMPTOMS!I was not asking her to treat the dogs with out a Heart worm test. I was asking her for a firm quote for the treatment. She claimed she need to know how bad the infection were to give a quote, That is bull shit. The dogs are dosed by weight not by the # of heart worms. SHE HAD THE WEIGHT AND TEST RESULTS FROM 3 WEEKS EARLIER. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. SHE SHOULD KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS TO CHARGE,AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO QUOTE GIVEN THE INFO PROVIDED. On our first visit she mad a anti hunting comment. When she went off on me the last visit. she made this statement. ' You don't care about the dog, all you want is another hunting season, I am not going to operate so you can have another hunting season.' THAT IS PRETTY CLOSE TO A DIRECT QUOTE.

I own the fact that things got away and they got heart worms. I feel bad that my guys are suffering because of this. I did not give Moe cancer. This is about giving Moe his best shot at doing what he loves most of all Hunting. It's not about me hunting. I have been told by a former employee of her's that she is Nuts. She looked at me as a gruel evil man who kills poor little animals and Moe as a tool of my trade

'Should'a Kept My Big Mouth Shut'
loup...sorry we not in the same league...there is a void somewhere because this guy's profits don't go back into the business even the R/X sales rep.gets cool and tight lipped when his name is mentioned...we do apologize...(can we get a kick-back if I send my first wife to'ya...she got a bad case of distemper) ???...cheers to'ya
I have 2 dogs that were both heartworm positive. They were both on heartguard since they were 8 weeks old. It's not always the 'owners' fault. It is now thought that sometimes the chews pass through the dog before they are fully ingested. Now I break them up in little peices. I suggest everyone else do the same. I just started them on doxycycline today, and will have the treatment done in a month. $180 per dog for treatment. My old vet would have charged $500 per dog. The new vet is old school without a bunch of x-ray machines, sonogram machines, and thousands of dollars of medicine on hand, so she can keep the price low. If you need those things you have to go somewhere else. Spay Spa Erwinville LA. Dr Fairchild. Cool lady. Loves animals.
I'm going to have to side with the vet and loup the vet on this one marshmaster.... You admitted you didn't give the dogs heart worm meds because of financial problems . Sorry to hear that but if my dogs - 'kids 'had a chance of catching a fatal disease and I could have prevented it , I would have begged, borrowed , or stole to make them safe !

I really don't see where you can complain . Sorry for your hard times but don't take it out on the vet .
the vet
Me too choupic..I think there was a breakdown in communication.....can't blame that on the vet. My new vet will sell you 1 individual heartguard if you can't afford the whole 6 month pack......can't beat that.....
Had nothing to do about money
I don't know were that is coming from. I was ill , had surgery, was not even doing a good job of taking care of me. I had a vial of ivermec in the house. I know its my fault that they got heart worms, This is about her refusing to do the surgery, because she did not want the dog or me hunting.She said as much!!! Read the post its all in there

My buddy is at the vet now going under the knife.

I wasn't judging you. Please don't take offense. I do think that you and the vet had a communication breakdown though.
i too am a veterinarian. Usually when there is a problem, it has to do with a communication error. i also will back the other vets that i will retest before administering a treatment. If you bring a dog to a specialty center, they will re do x rays, blood work etc. it's not to make money, but you have confidence in your machines etc...sometimes test are wrong. there are false positives and negatives. ask any vet, they have seen it. so, it's always sound medicine to confirm for yourself that this dog is actually positive. who knows, maybe the technician was busy and actually mixed up 2 test. She may have saved moe an unnecessary treatment. i will do anesthesia on a positive dog but only after extensive blood work, e k g and weighing options for best outcome.
i will quote anyone on what it cost (in general) to treat for heart worms; however, i make people aware that each case is different and your dog may need other treatments/medications should problems arise.
who knows, this vet may be anti hunting. they are out there. but i think we all have to remember that we need to the dogs well being 1st in our minds.
as far as vaccine cost. the cost of the vaccine is least costly part of the whole thing. As veterinarians, we must pay to take classes to make sure we are providing the right vaccines each year, paying for a person to inventory and order these vaccines. they sit in a fridge that was bought and paid for and cooling 24 hours a day. a syringe and needle, technician to hold the dog for the vaccine, cleaning the room after the patient leaves, workers comp if someone gets bit, and the other cost that the other vet mentioned as well.
i hope this sheds some additional light on the subject. have a great weekend...wear your life vest!
I understand your anger most vets are crooks and seem like they got the '$120,000' degree off the back of a cereal box. I just dont understand how one vet cost $250 for a certian things and another, the vet I use cost $80. Guess the old vets that still do the right thing have less expense than the new vets. As far as heart worm prevention I had two dogs get heartworms while on the prevention so I went with the old school way suggested by an old vet. Put a little clorox in the water not much about a cap per 5 gallons so the mosquito dont lay eggs in it and it also kills worms that could be in there digestive system. But why would a vet tell me a way that dont make him money? Because he actually cares about animals. Odd
'Roast'n Vet Time'
...can't blame all Vets...a couple of old retiree's might tell you it's the enticement of pharmaceutical empires that makes their eyes buldge and po-poo green ???...if they in the top 90% of their class the might even get their equipment financed ???...did'ya know de-clawing a American alley cat is cheaper than a Persian or Russian Blue that drives up in a BMW ???...but the top of the lot is a sly 'Dentist' hand in 'ya mouth and one hand in 'ya wallet...many give insurance co's a bad time ???

...raw garlic once a day for five days in a piece of hot dog works also... 'ya can watch the worms evacuate the rectums ??? on humans too ???...cheers
I can tell you why vet bills are different. My old vet (the expensive one), had a sonigram machine, an x-ray machine, thousands of dollars of medicine on hand, and lots of extra helpers. My new vet (the cheaper one), has none of those machines, very little medicine on hand, and only 2 helpers. She can charge less because she doesn't have to pay for those machines and other overhead. Now she will be the first to admit she isn't a 'full service' vet. If you need those types of devices to treat an animal you will have to go elsewhere. However if you don't need those things, you can get a better price by going to see her. They aren't crooks. They just have different rates of overhead to pay for. My old vet would do a x-ray before doing a fast kill for heart worms. My new one doesn't. Just that alone saves $100. Add a few more things (including low overhead) and my heartworm treament goes from $500 (my cost) to $180 (my cost). My old yearly checkup was $55 a visit. My new one is $25. To nueter or spay with her is even more of a difference in price. A lot of new rescue owners go to her because of the low cost. She will even sell 1 individual Heartguard tab, rather than a 6 month supply, because people can't afford to pay that all at once. Great vet. Dr. Fairchild-'The spay spa', Erwinville LA.
Shem Spears, what do you do for a living? Did you attend and pay for college? Do you own and operate a business with overhead? Do you work for free because you love your job? How many do you consider most Vets are crooks? There are about 2500 of us in LA so that must be 2400 of us or is it the one you had a bad experience with. Pets are a luxury to own, if you can't afford them don't get them. You are not entitled to free information and services just because you love your dog and I'm supposed to help. America was built on democracy and free enterprise not entitlement. Maybe you could start a doggie welfare movement, where all us rich, crooked, selfish Vets would have to give free info and services. If that works then you could get teachers to teach for free because they love kids, cops to work for free because they hate crooks, fishing guides to guide for free because they love to fish and so on. I can tell you this, I'm not carrying wheelbarrows full of money to the bank so I must do what I do you for a reason!
That dog would be 10x's happier making one last season vs being miserable getting that treatment. Think i know what marsh is talking about. Amazing how some of those dogs know where there going the second you walk outside with the decoy bag. They live for that. Ive seen both sides of the fence. During the treatment, the dog could literally do NOTHING during the whole ordeal. Not even get a light pace going. Funny thing is, dog still tested positive after $750. We left a 'veteran dog' back home a few years ago because he was getting old and had bad arthritis. Came home after the hunt, the dog vomited everywhere, dug under the pin to the point to where he got out, and was so hoarse from barking that he couldnt make a noise. Needless to say, we never left that dog home again.
Not everyone will understand this, but the ones who will, know how some of these dogs are.

Didnt read thru the comments. Just my .02
'Tweedy and'da Puddy Cat'
...just be cautious w/large inventory of medications on hand...a few of a few professions have been known to dump old R/X pills into new bottles when 'expiration dates' come about ???...Tweedy Bird said he had visions of this happening:... 'I'did I'did I'did'...cheers ???