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Unacceptable Detail on new Garmin (Normal?)

I recently bought a Garmin 740s and used it fishing out of Venice for six days last week. The mapping detail was horrendous even with the settings set to most detail. Very large bodies of water that have been around for a long time show up as land like pole lake near south pass. The main entrance to the wagon wheel off of red pass does not show. I thought these units came with the G2 coastal data and were supposed to be very good. Is there a better card I Need to buy? I really feel like returning this unit back to Garmin if this is what I am going to have to deal with.
Go to the Garmin website and check out 'birdseye'. It is a subscription that allows you to download very recent sattelite views. You can download the different areas you use and load them on your device. It is a monthly subscription, however you can download as many maps as you want, and keep them on your computer. Then you can cancel the subscription and keep anything you have ever downloaded. Looks like mega Google Earth. Very good pictures. I got the few areas that I frequent then canceled. If I want to get updated views, I can re-sign up, download the newer files, then cancel again.
Birdseye not compatable with marine units
I got on the phone with Garmin and explained my concerns about bluechart G2 being very inaccurate for the areas I like to fish. I gave them two lat/long spots to check out with their G2 vision chart. One of the areas is a lake 6 feet deep a 1/2 mile wide and 2 1/2 miles long that appears as marsh/land on the base bluechart g2 map. They sent some images of the area with g2 vision and it was only slightly better. It looked like they had sat imagery from before 2004 based on comparisons to historical images available on Google earth. They also stated that birdseye will only work on hand held units and not on a marine unit like the 740S that I have.

Here is Garmins response to my concerns about
their coastal Louisiana maps.

Dear Martin,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International today.

It appears that the satellite imagery is not that good, I would say it is 75% blurry and 25% clear. You can see where the water is lighter blue, that is normal coverage. The dark blue areas are normally marsh on a map, but you can see that it is water with the vision card. It is not crystal clear at all, so it is completely up to you if you want to get the vision mapping.

The vision mapping I was using is called Mobile to Lake Charles region number VUS013R and part # : 010-C0714-00

As far as 3rd party mapping goes, I am not seeing any mapping that would be better than what we offer that is compatible with Garmin. If you decide that you want to return your unit, I completely understand, and can set that up for you. Just let me know.
Dang that stinks. I use 2 hand helds. 1 oregon (with birdseye) and 1 60cs (for tree cover reception). My boat GPS is a Garmin 170. It has a cruddy black and white screen and isn't compatible with maps. It's a shame that the high dollar units don't work with birdseye.
You may want to look at a Lowrance HDS model and the Navionics sd chip. I had an older Garmin that was a great unit but switched to Lowrance when I upgraded because I was impressed with the compatible Navionics software. It displays a true satellite image on the screen. Pretty impressive.
I am going to check out the Lowrance unit with the Navionics satellite chip. Good thing Garmin agreed to take the 740S back. I wonder if my Garmin transducer will work with a Lowrance GPS? I currently have the transducer epoxied into the hull bottom.
Don't know about transducer
I don't know about the transducer, but I would think the plug on the end of that cable is different from Garmin to Lowrance. The Navionics card I have is the Platinum Plus. Not cheap but it's a nice thing to have. I think you'll be happy with that set up.
Lowrance HDS with Standard Mapping E card
I had the same frustrations with Garmin. Bottom line, their maps are awful, especially for Venice. I recently switched to the Lowrance HDS 7 touch, and added the Standard Mapping E card. It is by far the best and most accurate you can get, try it and you won't be disappointed.
I talked to Navionics and told them where I fish and they told me to get the platinum plus. Since my transducer is epoxied in the hull I was thinking about getting a separate Garmin depth finder. Simple units are $100 or less and I would not even use it to locate fish since I am mostly sight casting to reds. I would just need to locate a GPS unit that is compatible with the Platinum plus card and it would not need a sounder.
On the right track
I use a separate depth finder as well. It's what I'm used to, and I prefer not to split the screen on my gps. I have the Gen 2 HDS 5 and just didn't hook up the transducer for it since I still use my old depth finder. Any of the Gen 2 HDS units will definitely accept the platinum plus card. I wanted the HDS 7 but the 5 suits my needs. You will be happy with this set up. The Gen 2s are pretty user friendly too. I got used to mine pretty quick.
why doesnt standard mapping have an ecard for other models. they would definetly make money.
Tom- It's not Standard maps fault. Garmin and others will not give them the access to the software or code or whatever it is that allows the E-cards to work on a unit. Lowerance gave them the info needed.

If anyone has questions give the guys at Standard a call or look up user Century man on here. They all will go out of there way to help.
Garmin vs. Lowrance
I recently did lots of research on this issue. I ended up buying a garmin for its ease of use--I was talked into it by the saleslady at West Marine.

I wish I'd gotten the Lowrance with SM or with the Navionics. I'm not sure why Garmin will not upgrade their mapping. They have the maps, the technology and the money. It is frustrating. I have a feeling that we will get some sort of map release in the next year or so, but who knows?
Garmin vs Lowrance vs Simrad
It is really hard choice to send this Garmin 740S back since it is so easy to use especially with the touch screen. On my last trip I am driving the boat and my buddy is looking at one of the Standard Mapping Services maps of Venice. Of course the Garmin looks nothing like the SMS map so as we proceed past obvious landmarks on the map my buddy is pointing for me to go left or right. That's just ridiculous when I could have the e-card with the same map on my GPS. I am going to try and compair Lowrance and Simrad today for ease of use.

Thanks to all who have replied to this post. I didn't know the e-card was out their. I can't imagine it could get any better than that.
Send it back
Send it back if they will take it back. The fact that this post is up here shows you are satisfied with it. Dump it.
Dumped The Garmin
I received my return authorization from Garmin this afternoon and I will be sending it back tomorrow. I test drove Simrad today and liked the touch screen. I am leaning towards getting the Simrad NSS7 and a few e-cards. It's not quite as easy to run as a Garmin but not too bad. Scott at Standard mapping offer up an adapter and wiring diagram that would allow me to use my Garmin transducer with a Simrad/Lowrance unit so I will be trying that as well.
Transducer adapter
There is an adapter from Lowrance that allows you to keep your current transducer & use on your Lowrance Gps unit
is there a adapter from lowrance to gramin. we had a lowrance & changed to garmin, most likely nice looking sales lady. when we hit thin water it doesn't recover for a few seconds. it's a shoot through the hull. the lowrance is also.