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Boudreau Marina--not what I remember

spent this weekend at boudreau marina in cocodrie.

not a family place like I remember. Took wife and kids, most rooms were filled with live in oyster fishermen whom sound like they were from jamica. Oyster boats were parked in most of the fishing boat slots.

Loud music at night with harsh language from the oyster men easily heard from inside your room.

Then come sunday morning the bayou in front of the rooms was filled with 4 large oyster relocation boats working. So much for a no wake zone.

sorry boudreau big dissappointment.
Oystermen are generally a rough group of guys. Sorry you had to deal with that.
Bourdreau Marina
guys we all know now and days it is all about the money, sad as it is that is how it is. Those oyster fisherman are guaranteed money.
'Grading Core Ratios'
...try runn'n a garnishment or wage assignment on some or repo'n a truck...I seen many w/two K in their pockets and flat broke in two days ???...something like four out of ten have class...yet,they a better class-risk than many theaterical politicians dodging campaign loans...cheers ???