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Maxima Reds

Posting this to see if anybody out there has shot/is currently shooting the Maxima Reds by CX. What are the likes/dislikes? I personally choose speed in an arrow. The Maxima Red doesn't not satisfy that choice for me. If a hunter prefers that pile driving feature of an arrow, this is the arrow for them. The arrow's outward appearance is superb. They fly really well and accurate which is what counts in a good arrow. I would recommend the Maxima Red for XL game hunters such as elk, moose, caribou, and bear. Myself being a whitetail hunter, I choose the speedy, lightweight arrow to get there before he can hear it coming and duck the shot. All that said, Carbon Express, in my opinion, created another fine product, just not for me.

I am using the reds, but ran into a problem. The chart shows the 250's were the right arrow for my setup( Creed Bow 60# 28in arrow), but they would not stabilize my 100gain Slick Trick heads. Switched to the 350's and no problem out to 40 yards( Didn't try any further) This is a heavy arrow 9.1 grains per inch, but I prefer a heavy arrow.