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Rest in Peace Eursin Breaux

A good friend died on Wednesday. We did quite a bit of duck hunting together and I will miss him greatly. I guess I am posting this because I want people to get a feel for what type of individual he was.

I picked Eursin Breaux up around 2:00 A.M.. Imagine a 60 year old man going to a public NWR duck hunting at that age and at that time in morning. You don’t see very many.

He emerged from his section 8 housing carrying an old gun, a cold Richard’s sausage wrapped in aluminum foil, and a cup of extremely sweet and bitter hot black coffee. He offered me some of the brew to which my stomach recoiled at the thought and the potential back end consequence.

He wore an old U.S. 1970’s Vietnam war jacket with emblem’s still on it. His pants matched the jacket, standard 3 tone camo. His hip boots were lacrosse. Well, at least he would be dry.

I asked him if there was anything else he needed and there was. Shells. I walked inside the house and could see a bachelor’s life. You see his wife Rose Breaux had passed away about 1-2 years before this. Paintings of ducks and geese illuminated the small house, all painted by Eursin Breaux. A Flooded ricefield with sinister dark clouds in the background; flocks of Mallards and pintails dropping in to the field……Beautiful!

We climbed into my congested single cab Ford ranger, but Eursin didn’t complain. As a matter of fact Eursin didn’t say a whole lot on the 1.5 hour trip to Sabine. He was just a very agreeable and happy man that insisted on praying. Is this where I picked up the tradition of praying before a hunting/fishing trip?

The wind and weather slapped us in the face as we arrived at the boat launch and stepped out of the truck. Eursin dawned this 3 tone camouflage hat with ear flaps. Something akin to what you would see on the movie “Grumpy old men” or what Uncle Eddy wore on “Christmas Vacation”. Who have I brought hunting with me I thought.

The boat ride was uneventful, probably due to prayer. And when we arrived at our spot we were not greeted with head lamps or spotlights. Wow, we have this spot to ourself. Sunrise arrived and with it more cloud and color than normal. Pastels that are very rarely seen came from the rising sun. Indicative of a January sunrise after a hard cold front has passed through. What a riveting sight it was. The gusting wind and cold Canadian air made for a crystal clear morning. I clearly remember how gorgeous it really was. I will think of Eursin when I see these sunrises from now on.

Immediately Mallards were everywhere, in the form of pairs and threes. Eursin and I shot our limit of ducks that morning, he ate his sausage, and we left. Everything was blessed and worked when I went hunting with Eursin….Everything.

On the long drive back to Crowley we began to get hungry and that’s when the cooking stories started to flow. I became aware on that trip that Eursin was cut from a different cloth than I. He told me about trapping opposums in a chicken coop for days, feeding them corn and then eating them. Eursin claimed Raccoons on the pit were second to none. He then went on to state that you could make a gravy out of anything. Pig feet, Chicken livers, duck hearts, Bec Gros.

When we got back to his house he instructed me to bring all of the ducks inside. He then told me to put them on his kitchen table to which I did not argue. Bloody, wet feathered, and lice ridden ducks went right up on the table to which Eursin began to pluck. Feathers went inside the trash can and on the floor. This man is an animal I thought! My kind of guy. This experience forged our relationship for the future, ( Later in life On that same table Eursin chopped the head off a gar an proceeded to skin it with a cane knife. Yes, Eursin taught me how to clean a gar)

Eursin was a simple man that didn’t bend to today’s philosophy of materialism. His needs were taken care of by God and he was thankful for that. He grew his own food, wasted nothing, enjoyed all things, and loved everyone. Eursin was one of the most genuine and down to earth people I have ever known. He loved kids, Joni tells me everyone loved him at church camp. I aspire to become like he was.
Eursin Breaux
You are one fortunate man to have met the last of a breed.
Eursin Breaux
I think we all aspire to be like Eursin or at least we all should . Sorry for your loss duck ....
Eursin Breaux
What a touching story. I liked to have known him. You will see your friend again, he'll be waiting for you with your cup of coffee
We usually get more from others than we give-great memories and true way of life we can learn from. May you have a great season and continue to pass on what gifts have been laid at your feet. DS
'Some Talked and Some Were Quite'
...beautiful story, very little chance you will find another like him...we hunted rabbits for almost 40 years with a Higgins boat operator that was in the S.Pacific...between the black coffee going and the beer coming home we heard his story at least 800 times...yet,they were all princes !!!cheers
Well said.
Wish I'd known him. Godspeed Eursin Breaux. He didn't have to talk it. He walked it. Men like him are fewer every day.
My condolences.
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing the story of your hunting buddy. I'm sure he'll be greatly missed in the blind. Good luck this season
Special people
Hopefully we all have our own special people in our lives that have inspired us the way your friend inspired and blessed you.

One of my best older friends in the world(RIP Brad), was one of those blessings to have in ones' life. We shared many a campfire together, at the end of each hunt Mr. Brad would say 'well, this is another great hunt they can not take from us Bud'....

Those types who have passed before us are there at that campfire awaitng our arrival.

Thanks for sharing.
Living Life
He sounds like many, many of the Louisiana boys I came up with hunting and fishing. None of us really had a lot, but sure had a good time in life. As one of 11 children, we did not just hunt and fish for sport, but to put something on the table. If it walked, wobbled,flew, swam, or crawled....we'd clean it and cook it. Had a guy come down from upstate New York once that we fed smothered nutria and coon to, and he could not believe what he ate and how good it was. May God look after your friend's spirit...cause I'm sure he is still looking out over these swamps and marshes.
So many people misunderstand what duck hunting is . To me it's a felling . Like the warm sun on your back after a long wet freezing boat ride or a wet lab at your feet . Or everyones favorite whistling wings in the pre dawn darkness . Duck hunting to me is a state of mind more than a sport . I'm sorry for your loss. What a amazing read your post was I really enjoyed it
Thank you