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Rigolets East End Still Doing Great

I posted a report about a week or two ago saying I fished the Rigolets and did pretty good, and that I would post another report the next time I went. Well I went Saturday, August 31, for a full day fish, and we had wonderful results. We fished the north side of the bridge at the east end, between Old Pearl River and Little Lake. A majority of the fish we caught were taken from east pass. We caught 20+ Redfish from this spot, however only 2 were over 16 inches. My buddy hooked on a bull red, but it broke away at the first sight of the boat. We pulled up many nice black drum, one spec trout, 5 huge sail cats, and about 132 hard heads from east pass. We wasted a large amount of our day fishing the small fingers of Old Pearl, but we did not catch anything worth while. We headed out to the rail road bridge and tied off. I managed to catch a crab out of the water and split it in half for bait. I fished it on bottom and caught a 22' red off of it. I also pulled in the big drum off of live shrimp. All in all, it was a very good fishing trip. We caught the sail cats on bottom using live and dead shrimp, along with cut croaker. The reds and drum were caught on a popping cork with live and dead shrimp, fished about 2 foot deep. We are going back once again this Saturday (September 14), and I will post another report on that experience. Good luck, and feel free to contact me with any questions!
Thanks for the report. Very nice and detailed. The good fishing should turn on any day now.
I guess you could eat anything if you were hungry enough, but are the Gafftop good to eat? Seems like we're catching more and more these days. It's funny that 15 plus years ago, if you found birds working, you were sure to find specks (and never a Gafftop). Now days your lucky to find Specks, its mostly Gafftops under the birds, just wondering.
We eat em and love em! I prefer trout and, I would rather find trout when I ease-up onto the birds.

I clean my fish inside and spend a little time hosing and wiping fish down before I bring them in. An ice chest full of gaff-snot is not the most appealing thing to bring home and, takes a lot of hosin-n-wipin.

But, they do fry-up nicely. We mostly make fish tacos with them.
Gafftop snot
Best way to get rid of the snot is to use a container of table salt, sprinkle the salt all over the fish and wipe it down with a old rag or towel. Salt attracts the snot, works great. Next filet him and scrape away the red meat from the filet by holding the blade of a filet knife at 90 deg. This will take away the strong fishy taste.
Thanks Lock-n-Load
C'mon dude! I'd heard there was a quicker way of getting that slime offa those suckers! I always used a towel to wipe them off. Had to wipe-n-rinse the towel many times to get a boxful of sail-cats suitable to bring inside.

My wife swears it takes 3 washings to get the smell out of the towels.

I agree Lock, I don't leave ANY dark meat on ANY of my fish. Regardless of which species it is.
Gaftop Slime
The few times I've kept them all I did was leave them in the ice chest in a heavy ice water slurry. The next day they come out the slurry slime free!
gafftops are good eating, just remove the bloodline. But boy are they a mess, i hate just grabbing them to take a hook out.
Theres a spot in biloxi marsh around bobs lakes you could probably catch literally hundreds a day if you wanted to. All 2-5 lb ones too but i always throw them back. Theres so many its actually very hard to fish for trout. Yea i agree they are good to eat from what i hear but the slime is enough to keep me from putting them in the box! Good trip tho thanks for the report!
I always keep five are six, don't worry about the slime filet right behind the rib cage and stay an 1/8 of the skin cut the red line out the center of the filet, it is just as good as any fresh water water catfish I have eaten, they freez well also then we have catfish in the freezer year round