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Handheld-Garmin with 'Birdseye' or Lowrance with 'Navonics'?

I have been reading just a few posts here lately regarding the quality of the maps on GPS units.

I will be getting a handheld unit. If the Garmin with the Birdseye downloads are good maps and it is a lot cheaper than Lowrance with Navionics, I will go with the Garmin and use the Birdseye maps.

Is there any other issues that I should be aware of before buying a handheld unit?
My Garmin Oregon runs Birdseye and it looks great, but when I'm deep in the woods with heavy tree cover the reception is very spotty. I also have a Garmin 60scx that has a cruddy little black and white screen, with a cruddy map that has one of the strongest antenna's out there. It will never lose a signal even in the deepest darkest tree covered woods. It even works inside my house. If you gonna use it in a boat for fishing or duck hunting the Oregon will be fine. If you plan to use it for deer hunting in thick woods, forget the units made by Garmin that run Birdseye. I don't know anything about other brands. Maybe they have good reception in the thick trees on units that have pretty pictures on the screen. I have learned to navigate without any type of a map on my screen. It's really kind of easy. My Garmin 172 on my boat has a black and white screen with no map, and I use it too with no problems. It just really depends how you want to use it.