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In pursuit of the blues-how bad do you got it

After 35 years of pursing the obsession of downing a blue rocket, it still amazes me the adventure it will take one on to claim the prize of a teal. The morning started off with down pour and text messages between the group-you going, not going, I am going, etc. We reach the destination with high hopes of a front pushing new birds down but as we step out of the vehicle we realize that the only thing greeting us is the familiar humidity and mosquitoes. Rain has made road travel to the levee a no go and so begins the march for whistling wings. As we approach the field I see the reminiscent flashlight flash in the distance-wait I am not in Lacassine but a private pond-what the heck is happening? Turns out someone else is set up but all turns out well and we all set up with anticipation of the jet fighter roar-but none come. While sitting on the levee I hear the bushes move and a mink is attempting to pick a fight with my lab. Thank goodness my dog is occupied with eating mosquitoes and all is good (no trip to the vet).
So far this teal season is a bust but never say quit. It can only get better-right-well 2 mottles come by and time to practice calling for big season. I reach for the Yentzen. Again, what the heck, only half a call hanging from my lanyard. Depression sets in and my only hope is I see it on the way back to the car. The winds of luck smile upon me and it is found in my wader pant leg. I would have hated to lose my call from the 70ís. Well our group say our goodbyes and head separate ways. I am not ready to quit on the pursuit of the first teal of the season so I head out to a farm pond with hopes that maybe with the slow moving front I can catch a couple birds off guard. I stalk through a field and get near the pond, hide in the weeds and hear a familiar sound-wood ducks on the water. Now what? Well I spy on them from a distance, enjoy listening to the sounds and notice 3 other ducks in the group that are not drakes-but what are they? Hens, grebes, maybe a teal? Need to get closer to verify. I wait in the grass for an hour (or so it seems) and finally see one stretch and flap-flashes of the familiar blue wing patches-determination sets in. I wait for an opportunity for them to swim closer. A group jumps and flies off-no teal with them. I decide it is now or never as I creep to the pond edge behind a bush. They swim up to within 5 yards and a drake woodie sees me, jumps and makes enough noise to register on the Richter scale. He flies 10 feet and lands back down, a second and third do the same. Where is the teal? Then it swims around the bush into view, I step from behind the bush and the entire group of 8 ducks jump up and fly in an opposite direction from the guy with a twice barrel. Now the challenge-where is the teal in the group. A familiar blue flashes, gun is raised, safety off, bead taken, trigger pulled and splashdown. My trusty retriever is now headlong into the water for the first teal of the season. What a way to start the season. September Blue, it is what drives this Sportsman.
Good work!
Pretty sad when we're resorting to these kind of tactics to down a bluewing but such is the case for a lot of us right now, I've yet to harvest a single bird in three trips so far. Looks like we're of the same mindset, I'll be back at them later this week with hopes of putting the first one on the pond. What a far cry from just a couple years back when we were piling them up trying to invite as many people along as possible!
Great story.
Having no teal yet this year myself, I can totally relate. Great story.

In case you don't know, the Yentzen's are being made again by Sure
Shot game calls. These were everones' favorite calls back in the day. They were the originator of the double reed call and the new ones sound just as good as the old ones.

I lost my vintage Yentzen in Katrina, but now have one of the newer ones. There's something about the taste of that wood when you put it to your lips.

Here's a link to their site: