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Any comments or suggestions on what other hunters are experiencing will be greatly appreciated. We have some property in Southern Winn Parish. This area has been somewhat productive in years past. We use to be able to see a deer or two at least every weekend or every other. However, last year we noticed a great fall off of seeing deer. We had numerous acorns throughout several areas, but nobody was able to see anything.

Fast forward to this year and much of the same seems to be occuring. Between a couple of us, we have 7 cameras out and are not catching much of anything on camera. I could say about two or three does, a couple of young bucks, alot of hogs and a alot of coyotes. Since the beginning of September, we have scouted numerous areas to try and find some sign, but nothing. We are not seeing any tracks, droppings, or any sign whatsoever to speak of.

It has been disheartning to not be able to find anything to get any hopes up. I am just concerned to hear if any others are experiencing the same problems, especially around the Winn Parish area. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. As for our land goes, we respectively harvest what we can eat and do not 'shoot' the woods up to try and be able to keep a herd around year after year, but it seems that our numbers are extremely down over the past couple of years and it seems they have been declining every year for the past few.

What are others around the area experiencing?
coyotes and hogs
Kill all the coyotes and hogs that you can. Coyotes kill fans . See University of Georgia study on fawns with and without coyote control.
Killing all coyotes and hogs
It's hard to kill off all coyotes and hogs if they don't move during the day or on weekends when we can be in the woods. Do you have any suggestions on ways to kill some of these off?
If the deer on a property are almost no existant then the problem is either disease or over hunting. The first thing I would bet on if I HAD TOO would be poaching.

I hunt on property that has had coyotes for as long as I have hunted it. Going on 30 years.

I shoot every coyote I see. So far I managed to arrow 1. Don't know of any others being shot. Never had a problem with a devistated deer population. And it isn't because of lack of coyotes. Heard one middle of the day Sunday. Get them on trail cam periodically.

Not saying they don't affect the deer. I am saying it is unlikely you have next to nothing in deer population because of coyotes.

I am not disputing the Ga. study but just so you know there have been other studies done that concluded coyotes have a minimal impact on deer populations.
If your are not seeing many deer or deer signs than maybe you have killed them all. If your hunt an area and do not see more that 2 or 3 does on a hunt than you have killed them all. Many areas are having a decline in the deer herd mostly because people are shooting all the does. stop shooting does for a couple years and the population should increase. That is hard in some clubs because some people would not join if they could not shoot a couple does. I heard one guy say he needs to kill a couple does to put some fresh meat on the table. It would be cheaper to buy a cow and the meat would be better eating.
stop shooting the does.
Winn Parish
Not much gets through Winn Parish without getting shot, just sayin!

Those deer get hunted hard (probably year round and at night too!)
We do a pretty good job of managing what we have. It's a small family lease and we don't over kill; however, I can't speak for those around our properties as we hear numerous shots all the time. As for the coyotes, in the last couple of years we hear and see more and more each year. We constantly get them on camera and hear and see them at all hours of the day. Also, the hog population has greatly increased. Every camera has 7-10 hogs as well as a lot of sign in every direction.

AND, I have heard comments about people hunting year around in and around our area like it is some kind of joke. However, there is only one LA agent and only one Fed agent for the entire parish. There is no way they can police the area enough to catch the poachers. Its a serious problem and now the deer are paying for it. I'm serious guys, I have never seen such a poor start to a hunting year with nothing being seen on camera or no sign being seen any where. Hope things change!
It would NOT be cheaper to buy a cow or the beef. You have already paid for your license and are going to hunt either way. Without the doe meat you have to buy more cow meat. It isn't free but unless you give up hunting it won't be cheaper to buy beef. And no way it would be better eating. Venison>beef And better for you too.

But agree stop shooting does if you population is low.

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