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Come on Glynn Harris

Don't mean to sound cynical but this article is what is bad about deer hunting.

Every hunting show does nothing but pimp products and I understand that is their sponsors, but why in the world would an outdoor writer say these things?

From the story:

“Then, as the afternoon wore on, I looked out and saw the big buck at about 300 yards. Right before dark, he came to the Ground Pound and started feeding, and that’s when I shot.”
The G-5 broadhead launched from his Matthews MR 8 bow did the trick.
The hunt didn’t end there, however. After trailing the buck some 350 yards and hearing him get up and run, Petrus decided to resume the search Monday morning.
The next morning, my nephew joined me, and we located the deer in water, still alive, where I finished him off.

You are pimping a G5 broadhead and Matthews MR8 bow saying 'it did the trick'. Well, it obviously didn't if the deer was still alive the next day.
I agree
I'm with u slickhead. That was pretty pitifull with hunter and equipment. Thats a post that should of been left unwritten. Nothing at all to brag about.
When I hear people telling their stories and it contains lines like. xxxx brand reel on an xxxx brand rod, with this particular bait, from this particular boat. It just turns me off. I understand why they do it but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

How about I drew my bow (who care which bow), and shot the buck (don't care brand of arrow and fletching you used), it ran about 30 yards and piled up.
Hunting has become to commercialized, really ruining the sport. Some of the shows on tv are really discussing. of course I don't have to watch them.
And you are right, he's trying to pimp something that doesn't work well or he is just a really bad shot. Poor deer, have some respect for the animals we shoot.
Agree also
Yep, can't stand to hear a sales pitch especially when they spine a deer on a close shot and jump up and down. Wish they'd pay more attention to the shot and not what they're promoting.
opposite side
well while I agree in this instance that it was unnecessary since it was a tough track and with a wounded animal it may not be the best spot to say which brand, but there are two sides to listing that information which I see first hand all the time. After I post blogs I get plenty of emails about which equipment, brands and where to buy it from many readers when I don\'t post enough information. I don\'t mind spending time responding to others, but when I put brands and more information where to buy I get less questions that I have to keep repeatedly typing the same thing over and over again to different people. Some days I spend hours just emailing ppl info that I should of put in my article. I\'m posting my blogs to help other hunters out, so I try to give them whatever information may be very useful to some and of course not useful at all to others. Its impossible to please everyone no matter how hard one tries. So yes some people can care less about the brands and just want the story, but many like to know what brands people or using and details on their performance which can save a lot of time with the trial and error on your own part. So I on the other hand like the commercialized aspect of some post, but that\'s just me. No matter how good or what product I use I know there will probably be better, so I kept an open mind. Now of course bragging ain\'t always the coolest thing to read to some, but it surely lets people know about a product as long as it's a fair and honest review. Then again if its a paid sponsor giving off one sided baloney on a product that is no good. I don't make money or get anything for free so my reviews are fair. Guess its all a matter of opinion to the reader
It is the way many outdoor writers work
Manufacturers give these outdoor writers free product for that very reason - to get mentioned in articles and to be featured in supporting pics. Some outdoor writers know how to incorporate a product into their story without pimping the product. But far too many hunting/fishing articles are product advertorials.
I will make sure I don't buy any of their products.