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Wisconsin Bow Kill

Went to Wisconsin with our regular hunting group. We go to American Adventures ranch each year. They have a 1st class operation & some really huge whitetails. Took this 225' with my Diamond bow at 15 yards.
225 bow kill
They also claim its a tough hunt! You won't kill your trophy in a day, it may take three days! I just got back from three days of bow hunting in Mississippi, where we do have some nice trophies, not 225', but trophies. Saw does with fawns and two spikes. That's bow hunting! i agree, C''mon man! At least you took the tag out of the ear for the photo!
These deer are nothing but 100% domesticated livestock. It's no different than shooting a cow off of someone's pasture. They are brought through a cattle chute before the season, handled by man and scored, and ear tagged according to score. It is beyond me how someone could feel good about shooting one of them. This is way beyond the debate of whether or not a 20,000 acre high fenced ranch in Texas with native wild deer is ethical.
Ya'll are tough on a brother!!!!! LOL
To each their own. That is one heck of a deer no matter where it was killed. I don't see where he claimed it was a difficult kill or where he mentioned he is a better hunter for killing it. He is just showing a picture of it.
Would I hunt at a place like that? Sure I would, if it was free. I can't see spending thousands of dollars for that but I don't have to justify it because I am not the one paying for it.
Congrats. That's a beautiful buck.
B&C Score Gross Score
120' up to 140' $1,900
140' up to 150' $2,400
150' up to 160' $3,250
160' up to 170' $4,250
170' up to 180' $5,250
180' up to 190' $6,250
190' up to 200' $7,250
200' up to 225' $8,750
225' up to 250' $9,950
250'+ Call For Pricing

I just cannot hunt in a fence. Too wrong for me. To each their own...
No disrespect meant, even La has several farms to go kill. I was just saying I cannot cause I respect the specie too much to do something like that regardless if I have the money to do so or not.
wisconsin bow kill
Money, it's a gas!!! Buy you great looking horns or get a beautiful girl on your arm...It all up to you!!!
Nice deer, God and man make some beautiful things in this world...
nice deer man, dont listen to all the cry baby haters...
It's gonna look real good when it's mounted
Just jealous
Don't knock if till you try it.. Rifle hunting a ranch is easy.. Bow hunting not so simple, you still need to play the wind and make your shot count.. Any one of y'all would not turn down a hunt like this if it were 'given' to you would you? And if you say you would not go, you are full of it!!!
Look anyone can do anything they want with their money. I haven't chimed in because I felt no need to. But to say that someone is full of it if they wouldn't take the chance is absolutely wrong.

I have been invited to hunt out of state, wild deer in Texas, Georgia, Canada, Nebraska etc. These are places that I could surely kill a decent buck. I have yet to make the trip.

I prefer all my deer to come from a level playing field. Meaning a 130 inch ten point from Canada would not mean nearly as much as the same deer from down here. Not the same animal. Like hunting a whole different species.

So NO I am not full of it when I say I wouldn't hunt that place if all I had to pay for was the gas. Not the same subspecies and I am surely not interested in hunting deer that were once held captive in pens.

You do what you want, but just because you would doesn't mean I would. I because I won't doesn't mean I think you shouldn't.

I wonder if it was on the other side of the ranch and they cut the dogs loose and they 'corralled' it with some hounds before he shot it, then it would surely be a trophy
Never fails. Every deer season a 'hunter' puts up a photo like this. And every season, they get blasted for it. No question that it is a nice deer, but you killed it with your checkbook. Plain and Simple.

You are posting on a site where most users are die hard hunters. Very few will praise you for it. But maybe it dosnt bother you. As it shouldnt.

As in my previous post on a similar subject, i compare it to steroids.

I workout for three years and bench 320lbs

You cycle on and off of steroids for a year and bench 360lbs

Bring this scenario into a gym full of 'natural' lifters and they would blast the steroid guy.

I was always curious about mounting these deer. Every time someone sees my mount, they ask about the story or where it was killed. When people ask you that, what would say?

Well they asked me how much i had to spend and i said 10 grand. They then said sit in stand X and deer Y is there around 4:00 everyday.

I would be the one to accept the 'hunt' If someone offered me this, i would not be able to turn it down. I would use my imagination the whole time and pretend i was back home in the swamp.
I would mount it no doubt, but would think of a clever catch phrase for the engraving or Probably get the deer mounted with the tag still in his ear.

Kind of like Caesar hiring a person to whisper in his ear as he walked through the city:

'You're only a man'
I definitely understand the whole 'high fence is not hunting' point of view since I hunt the old fashioned way myself....BUT

The point is that the man is proud of his deer, and all these people come on here and have nothin' but negative comments. Grow up people; if you dont like the way he did it then just keep on scrollin' through instead of callin' the man out and actin' like you're the best hunter on earth...
Very Nice deer Capt. I will be headed same place in a few weeks. Congrats again for sure a beast