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Humminbird 1198

I am going to buy a couple of your waypoint sets but want to make sure I understand how I'll load them first. In the 1198 ops manual it cautions before importing any data to be sure it has been converted through Humminbird PC (their software). If I order Humminbird specific data from you, will I be able to load it directly on to a data card and then just plug the card into my unit, or will I need to use the Humminbird software and convert it first? Thanks
Humminbird PC needed for transfers
~ Captain Paulís response to Captain John 51 ~

You will need to use the Humminbird PC software. Simply copying the data file onto a spare memory card will not work. The Humminbird PC writes a code to the memory card which lets the GPS unit know that it is a legitimate Humminbird file that is being sent to the unit from a legitimate Humminbird source.

The Humminbird PC program is a free program to Humminbird users and can be obtained when registering your GPS unit with Humminbird on their web site.

It is a worth while program to have even if you donít get an Edge file as it allows you to backup all of your existing waypoints, tracks and routes that are in your GPS unit to a computer file which in turn can be stored in a variety of ways.

Captain Paul