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Boat Registration Question

Just bought a boat from a private party, no lien, cash sale. WLF is requiring me to obtain a TITLE on the boat, along with transferring the registration. I understand a title being necessary if there is a lien/security instrument on the boat, but not if it was a free and clear sale. I also understand a title being necessary if it were a succession situation, but it is not. I've never had to obtain a title, only transfer registration on the several boats I've owned. Would someone please help me out here? Thanks!
If it was a LA registered boat, i believe you will only need a notarized bill of sale for the boat. Current boat registration papers filled out and possibly notarized, plus new registration and transfer fee. I have never heard of a boat being titled in LA even if there was a succession.
You always need the boat title and has to signed on the back by both seller and buyer, DWLF checks for proper ownership of seller.
From what I understand, is that if the boat was registered in louisiana, you didn't need a title on it, but if it is new or coming from another state you have to get a title for the boat.
But it has been a few years since i put a boat in my name.
It wouldnt suprise me if the state wants every boat to have a title, so they can make money off of issuing the titles.

Wildlife and fiseries web site should be able to tell you exactly what you need,
Just bought a boat 2 weeks ago LA now requires registration and a title. both are mailed to the Dept of W&F
Boat (eff. 8/2009); Outboard Motors (eff. 5/2011)
A title DOES NOT replace registration but is in addition to a registration.
A title provides ownership, and is required to secure ownership interest when a boat or outboard motor is financed.
The following completed documents are required to obtain a title:
1) Title application form
2) Bill of Sale or invoice (or Tax Certification Form R1331)
3) Original (MSO) Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (new boat)
The following fees apply:
1) Title Only - $26
2) Title with 1 Lien - $36 – $10 for each additional lien (secure & release at time of application)
4) Duplicate Title $23
If titled, the title MUST be surrendered at the time of registration and a new title issued. If title is held by a lien-holder, it must be surrendered and a new title issued.
Titles issued for boats already registered are required to pay a duplicate registration fee of $8 to get a corrected registration certificate. An affidavit for duplicate registration is not required for this purpose.
Boats must be registered to operate in state waters. See boat registration application form #55 for instructions.
Notarized documentation demonstrating chain of ownership to the applicant must be submitted with all applications.
I bought a new 240 XT SeaFox 3 months ago and my paperwork came in, it was just registration just like any other boat I've owned in the past. I didn't get a title to the boat.
I could be wrong but I believe a title only is needed if financed. When I bought my boat last year I asked by phone about title and was told only when financed is this needed. However my boat is a 1975 model. You will definitely need a notarized bill of sale signed by the seller for boat and trailer. The bill of sale can be downloaded from LDWF web site and it ask all the right questions. Good luck!
Just registered a Whaler, and yes, the state is now titling boats and motors. When you buy if there is a lein, the title goes to the lienholder, just as it would with a car.
I bought a boat and motor and it has a lien on it. I was able to register the trailer but I’m orsee to register the motor with the hull which the bank is requiring since there is a lien I have to get a MSO for the motor. The Yamaha motor is. 2006 and we’ve contacted Yamaha and they said they will not produce a MSO for this motor due to age. What do i do can someone help? I am Paying for a boat I cannot use because I cannot register it. Thank you
I am
I’m a similar situation Andy question is this; so does the MSO only have to be available if it’s a New boat only? Because I cannot i gain a MSO on my motor and there is a lien on it and it’s a used boat .2006 year to be exact...
That’s not so, all boats don’t even have titles. Trailers do. I own multiple boats, including brand new boats paid for in cash and none of them have a BOAT title. Only the trailers are titled.
Sold a 2005 Bluewave & 1996 Evenrude last year. Called LDWF and told them I didn't have and couldn't get MSO on motor, the lady on phone told me motors don't need title in Louisiana. I went with new owner to Notary/ title place where bill of sale for boat was notarized and trailer transferred. Don't know if it changed since then.
Boat Registration and Boat/Outboard Motor Title Instructions\r\nBoat Titles (effective August 2009); Outboard Motor Titles (effective May 2011)\r\nA title DOES NOT replace registration but is in addition to registration.\r\nA title provides ownership, and is required to secure ownership interest when a boat or outboard motor is financed.\r\n

Just copied above from LDWF website Boat Registration and Boat/Outboard Motor Title Application instructions page. Clear as mud. You might call them for clarification

Licensing / Boat Registration
Phone: 225.765.2887 or 225.765.2898, 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday (excluding state/federal holidays)

Fax: 225.763.5421 or 225.763.5466
u only need a title for the boat trailer