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several years ago i bought the edge data for my garmin,I have now upgraded to lowrance hds gen2.
is the edge data still compatible for this unit,or do i have to get new lowrance data?
please advise
GARMIN files will not work in a Lowrance system.
Captain Paul's response to John~

Data written in a format designed for a GARMIN GPS unit will not work in a Lowrance GPS system. These manufacturers use a different protocol for their data files.

You can, however, download a free program called GPS BABEL. That will convert one format to another. It is available as a download from their web site at

Simply download the Babel software, enter the file where the Garmin Edge file is located, select it and designate that the output file should be in a Lowrance format and in a folder and complete the process.
Once you have the file in a .usr format, you can open it in your data transfer program and transfer it to a spare memory card, which is placed in your GPS unit and transferred into the internal memory.

Captain Paul