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Please help me get me and my kids guns back. They where stollen from our home Sunday afternoon. Most of them are family heirlooms. Police report has been filed but it has taken all day to make it to a detective. So far one gun has been traded for drugs in the Alexandria area. If your in that area please keep an eye on the pawn shops. I know its a long shot but ill post a few pics i hopes that one will be seen. Im offering an award per gun and $1000 reward leading to the arrest of the thief. I have reason suspision that the Person responsible Is Ed Horn, from Pitkin LA. I can be reached at 337-936-0652. Detective Davis can be reached at 337-313-4739. Leave a message.
Feel your pain
I hope your local law enforcement is better than the ones we dealt with in Tangipahoa parish, couldn't care less. At least you documented the serial numbers and had them for the police to identify them and hopefully trace back to the thief.
detectives hmmm
I hope you have better luck than me. I had a bunch of guns stolen years ago (a few were heirlooms from my deceased father as well), and I had all serial numbers that were placed into the system and police report. They ended up finding one in opelousas that was used in a crime. I have been calling once a month ever since they found it to get it back. The responses started off saying it hasn't been released yet, and they are still holding it for evidence. Eventually that detective retired so I got a new contact. Now the story is they can't locate it. Needless to say it's been 3 years and I still haven't gotten it back.
I know how you feel
A LEO once gave me this website that Pawn shops use. Basically you use your guns serial numbers to determine if the gun has made it to a Pawn Shop or something like that. I never found my guns on it but they were most likely not pawned.

The website is

Good Luck!

Oh yea if you do find one of your guns on that site just forward the information to the LEO on your case.
I would suggest to the moderator of the site to remove the suggested culprit's name, lest bigger problems for the owner come up.
I say post the culprits picture if you got it and sure he's the one who did it. We gave the detective with Tangipahoa the name of the person who stole the firearms and valuables from us and they still couldn't figure it out. This was the only person who had access to the safe the items were secured in and they still didn't do anything, even tried to steal the safe!! I thought they would show a little more attention considering the push to keep firearms out of stupid peoples hands. I guess if it would have been one of the good ole boys, they might have done the right thing.