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masking scents

I've been doing some research on masking scents and have found that they all are a big waste of money. They do not work, deer will still smell you if the wind is right. If they did work every drug dealer would be buying it to hide scents from dogs. One I did research on was 99.3% water and the other .7 % was a secret. One was 99% water and the other 1% was the same ingredient as water proofing agent. The truth is you cannot hide your scent from deer no matter what you do.
If you have money to waste go ahead and buy some.
Bowhunter Magazine did a study in this last year and came up with the same results. Had someone hide in the woods with a full Scentblocker getup on and cover scents . And also someone wearing no scent protection at all. The tracking dogs found both in an equal amount of time. But, I still use it because I'm a sucker