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New To Ducks

To all Duck Hunters,,,,,,

I am new to duck hunting (not because of duck dynasty) and I'm gearing up to hunt the Manchac WMA and I would appreciate a few pointers. Im not looking for places to hunt etc but what I want is tips to not get myself killed or to disrupt my fellow hunters. I have been on a few hunts already but this year I will be making hunts completely on my own. I will have my son with me on some hunts. I know in Louisiana as well as in the south we pride ourselves on helping each other so I look forward to what you have to say. I wish you all the very best season and look forward to your post!!
What all wmas have u ever hunted? Ever
New to Duckhunting
Great question.. It says a lot about you as a hunter just for asking it, my hats off to you for that. Hope this helps you.
Be early and know where you are going, have 3-4 spots picked out so if another boat is there you have another plan.
Have a spot where you can get against the bank put up your boat blind and hunt if all other spots are taken.
Weather you shoot standing or sitting everyone in the boat should do the same, otherwise people get killed eventually or at least shot, ears rung, etc.
Develope zones of fire, stay in your zone. The two zones will overlap for two people in the boat.
Respectful hunters call at duck that are just flying overhead or flying by but once ducks are working someone else's blocks, get off of them!! Let that guy try to kill them, if they leave his decoys then start calling them again. Others may not do this for you but it is the right thing to do. God created waterfowl for all of us, share with your brothers.
Early season is not as bad but two weeks in put out more than what you want to pick up on decoys or stay home.
Good luck this season.
New Boat
Sharpeye gave you some excellent advise, I would follow it to the letter. I'll add that as a newbie you should not pit yourself against the elements/weather until you really learn your limitations and the risks, that includes boat travel in bad weather. It's a lot easier to die on a duck hunt than most people realize. Be very mindful of hypothermia once it gets cold and consider carrying a change of dry clothes in a dry bag (it could save a life) Two friends of mine died from hypothermia in Manchac on Christmas eve in 1982.
Best of luck to you and your son, and ARRIVE ALIVE!!!
Manchac is crowded
If you haven't already scouted it out and can't positively run a boat to it in the dark safely then don't even think about going until after first light. Manchac is very overcrowded on weekends and if you go to the 'Prairie' where 90% of all the other hunters go, it can be very challenging, I will say. If you plan to paddle in, then be very carefull in the main canals where all the powered boats run. Big Branch, between Lacombe and Slidell is much better suited for paddling into and has much more area for hunters to spread out compared to Manchac
follow up
Red- I have never hunted any WMA before. I have been on guided hunts in Hackberry.

I went this weekend and found a few spots that are away from the prairie and are very hard to get to so those are the areas I'm planning to hunt. Thanks so much for all of the help and I am looking forward to posting some successful reports during the season
During the Week
What is the Prairie like during the week?