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Capt. Paul, thanks for responding to my question about the reefs. I am guessing they are talking about oyster reefs around the lakes. Anyway, I am still interested in purchasing one of your chips for the dularge area. Could you explain what it will do for me. I just purchased a new boat and it has a Lowrance HDS 5 unit. I have never used a gps before. Any enlightenment on this subject and adding the chip to enhance my fish finding would greatly be appreciated I also will be going through the articles that you wrote and the questions that others have sent you to gain some knowledge on this. I am new to fishing, and I am very excited about going out. I look at all of the reports on this site and want to catch fish like the bog boys do. Thanks,Louis
~ Captain Paul’s response to Louis ~

Glad to see you are going to be fishing our Louisiana waters and glad to see
that you are reading The LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE. The Magazine and the web site is a sure way of keeping updated on techniques and areas where the fish are biting. You are off on a good foot.

The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS is NOT sold as a memory card or “chip”. They are waypoint files that are sent to you via an email attachment. The Edge files are then saved in a file folder in your computer and than transferred to YOUR spare memory card to be loaded into your unit.
To load the files into your GPS unit, you will need a spare memory card, and a data transfer program from Lowrance and of course the Edge file.

If you are using a PC that is using Windows 8, then you will need the Lowrance’s INSIGHT PLANNER. The Planner allows you to create, edit and transfer waypoints, tracks and routes on your computer and then transfer them to a memory card that is placed in the GPS unit.

The Edge waypoints appear as overlays on what ever mapping program you may have installed in your unit.

When ordering, be sure to specify the type of GPS unit and the area that you want.

Keep your lines tight,

Captain Paul